Erwin: Wasn’t it Alexander Downer who was negotiating for the …

Comment on TOs seek to block pipeline. Hendo in the gas business. by Craig San Roque.

Erwin: Wasn’t it Alexander Downer who was negotiating for the Federal Government with Timor on setting out the international ocean boundaries so that the oil fields would be available to Australia – not Timor?
Was it not Downer who arranged for the bugging of the Timor negotiations?

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Canberra to hear Arrernte plans for a Living Culture Centre
Clear article, Kieran. Sets out the story. Quiet progress. People doing as they can. No hype. MK Turner, Amelia and the companies of local ladies under that hill.

Farewell, Iain Campbell
Thankyou Alice News for a true and beautiful acknowledgement of Iain’s life and work.

Despite protests Pine Gap bigger, more powerful than ever
Thankyou for publishing Goldflam’s article setting out personal detail, history and context of the manner in which the Australian ‘Crown’, in some situations, relentlessly, and in unkindly manner sets out to prosecute citizens who are not criminals but citizens who do what they can to shake the brain inside the ‘Crown’. The insane destruction in Aleppo, the brutal bombing by the Saudis of the funeral in the Yemen, do prosecutors acting for the Crown really support such actions ?

Goldflam’s modest example helps address local crime and international crime. He is to be thanked for the humour and balance he brings to such harrowing conflicts of interest.

‘This beautiful body of knowledge’ at the Strehlow Centre
Thanks to the Strehlow Centre for the commemoration events, the launch of the republication of Strehlow’s ‘Journey to Horsehoe Bend’, and thanks ASN for printing Shaun Angeles’ direction setting speech.

Teen killers of man who tried to help them sentenced
Thankyou Alice News for clear, balanced report on the sentencing judgement upon the young men who carried out this tragic action.

I was present, as were others, at court, who heard the details and am associated with the resilient Warlpiri organisation (known as Mt Theo or WYDAC) for whom Mr Berry worked.

The judge gave an account of the pressures of family behaviour and drunken chaos in which these two passed their childhood. Responsibility for the murderous action cannot be minimised. But who is accountable ?

Where exactly are the people who, for profit, supplied the drink, illicit drugs. Ice ? Who was missing from the court room? Who is accountable ? Would that be among the family from Halls Creek and Alice Springs region who initiated the boys into trouble. Then ignored the consequences. When will each one of those family apologise to the Berry family and to the Warlpiri who set up the Warlpiri youth development organisation ? Who among us will turn this trouble around ?

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