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Comment on Woman’s narrow miss as sacred tree sheds branches by R Henry.

@ Concerned: More than a few of us at a reasonably distant time past did decide that as common sense was not any longer common then what it is that we are calling for is uncommon sense which does not mean to say it will be any easier to find these days.

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Woman’s narrow miss as sacred tree sheds branches
I hope the council has billed the AAPA for the cleanup. What chance the building owners can get damages from AAPA?
Then also there could be a payout from AAPA for the woman for related stress and future uneasiness when walking near trees?

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Bush community learning centre to close
I agree. It is time the CLC stopped walking the walk and started spending at the ground level to help their people.
This still does not excuse the NTG not funding these smaller projects when they are doing good instead preferring to spend millions on more dubious projects.

Even if ‘unfair, unreasonable or too harsh’, it is still the law
It is a pity the legal expense and energy could not have been used to assist some ordinary Australians with complex legal situations.

The ex-Pom who nearly missed the boat
It is quite simple. One cannot swear complete loyalty to more than one country at the one time.

Master plan could turn around population and economic slump
So long as it’s a plan to support progressive business, not just a return to the long running boom and bust of construction cycles that the town has been exposed to for 50 odd years.There are more empty premises around town than can be occupied.
“Master plan” sounds ominous. Didn’t Hitler have one of these 🙂

Wakefield dodges questions on threats of violence to kids
Nice to see a minister who does not race in with knee jerk responses. Could we please have lots more of these ministers.

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