Vale Iain Campbell. We remember him as a very friendly, …

Comment on Farewell, Iain Campbell by Marina Strocchi.

Vale Iain Campbell. We remember him as a very friendly, kind person and a generous artist. His paintings live on.

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Define gallery purpose before picking a site: Bruce Walker
“Art without provenance is worthless” is a strong statement. Some of the world’s greatest works of art are by “Anonymous”.

Youth crisis: broken window of tolerance
Thank you for a very enlightening article. Tenacity and empathy in your work too. Good on you and your colleagues. In Melbourne there is a thing called BOUNCE – an aircraft hanger style shed jam packed with all variations of trampolines and foam pits. It’s proven that trampolines aid in rewiring a traumatized brain – it’s got something to do with repetition and physical activity – how good would that be in Alice Springs? All the best to you.

Alice may follow Wadeye’s lead on street kids
The children roaming the streets at night and day would benefit from a drop-in centre which could have trampolines (like Bounce on the east coast).
The kids are wired on Adrenalin and cortisol and in that state need calming.
It is only once the traumatized child is calm that they can learn.
Trampolines assist in the rewiring the brain.
There really needs to be a therapeutic response to these kids. The Alice Springs youth Centre is a good place to start. Was $5m recently invested in this centre?

Triumphant painting revival at Papunya
Ralph – don’t worry that the women are painting. From my experience the men actively supported women painting. That goes back to 1993 at Kintore. Women engaged with men at Kintore to discuss the versions of stories to paint. Women wanted to paint at Kintore. Really – is Aboriginal society gender separated?

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