“With the right information and expert advice, the Aboriginal …

Comment on Hetti Perkins on the legacy of ‘Australia’s artistic heritage’ by Just Saying.

“With the right information and expert advice, the Aboriginal community should grasp the opportunities and move forward with them.”
Interesting statement! I would have thought that those local Arrernte people who are strongly connected to their culture, are the ‘experts’ and perhaps whoever is driving this needs to get the right information and expert advice from these people and accept their viewpoint. Not the other way round.
It’s a government plan I believe and they have a great track record in listening to Expert advice, especially from Arrernte people, not!
Government also don’t mind trying to force Arrernte people to grasp opportunities that they are not interested in and that often have no benefit for them.

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Independents now ineffective?
It seems the independents are being a lot more effective in standing up for their community than either the government or the so called opposition.

Anzac Oval will be site for gallery: Gunner
I think many of these pollies today are not so worried about being re-elected, particularly Gunner, Wakefield etc as they have probably lined up jobs with the fracking industry or elsewhere.
It seems the only way to explain some of the ridiculous things they do.
When did Giles start work for Gina Rinehardt, before or after the election? This government is already working for the gas industry rather than the citizens.

Aboriginal gallery is bound to have a stone wall
Meanwhile the Minister for Families is helping destroy families by talking apparently to only one of the apmereke-artweye and ignoring all the rest of the family. All apmereke-artweye or kwetungurle should be involved and consulted with, listened to, respected etc.

Aboriginal gallery is bound to have a stone wall
“It is critical that they are partners to the project, whether it is one owner for the site or not because there is a range of issues.”
One thinks it would be critical for traditional owners to be partners too, not feeling alienated and disrespected as they are now and as are many in the broader community.
There are a range of issues and people that the government are choosing to ignore.

Boundless Arrogance, says Opposition
Boundless arrogance just like the CLP. Vote independent.

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