Radio station “Aboriginalises”: Sounds Racist to me. Imagine the outcry if a …

Comment on Shock resignation as radio station ‘Aboriginalises’ by Scotty.

Radio station “Aboriginalises”:
Sounds Racist to me.
Imagine the outcry if a company “Caucasianises”.

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Councillor Satour threatened at Council meeting
“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. Please people remember this phrase from the old days.
Nowadays some people are hyper sensitive and go running to Police, an emergency service for being hurt by words.

Gunner re-opens the Rivers of Grog floodgates
Alice Springs will not change, ever.
This is because the Aboriginal population who would rather wake up, go to the Todd Tavern in morning, buy grog from bottle shop from 2pm onwards (except Saturday 10am and Sunday 12 noon) and cause the community problems all afternoon, night and early morning.
BDR – what a joke. If you are banned you are only prohibited from buying take away alcohol.
Wow, so they can still buy grog inside a pub. Not too hard to get a mate to buy grog for you afterwards at bottle-shop either.
I’m sorry to say but the only solution will never come to be in our overly protective fragile sensitive society.
The solution will be viewed as racist and vilified by the go-gooders who are adamant they are protecting Aboriginal rights.
At the meantime they are drinking their lives away and wrecking the Alice Springs community with violent behaviour and crime.
I do acknowledge that issue is not an all Aboriginal problem. As per crime stats it’s just a 99% Aboriginal problem. Not being racist, just realistic.

Lasseters private enterprise beacon in stagnant town
Yes, Lasseters is the new Animal Bar in town. Go for a drive down there now and have a good look at the people putting money through the machines.
This money should be for food and looking after young ones.
Every day you see a large group walking across the river in the morning to the casino wasting their (or taxpayers’ money).
I’m not blaming the people gambling as it can be an addiction.
I blame the casino themselves for taking advantage of the underprivileged in this town.

13 year old denied bail after rampage
Great work Judge Borchers.
This is exactly the response the community as a whole would like from the courts.

Woman’s narrow miss as sacred tree sheds branches
Well, council is on notice.
Aware of the risk to human injury or life. If a tragedy happens they will be accountable and liable.
Who will pay, of course the taxpayers.
Common sense is really not that common. Consult with Aboriginal agency, really, why, are they above the protection of society?

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