Gman, plenty of opportunities in Darwin, you would only have …

Comment on Shock resignation as radio station ‘Aboriginalises’ by Braedon Earley.

Gman, plenty of opportunities in Darwin, you would only have to sit in their studios and the conversation would become intelligent. Some of the dribble we have had to endure of the last couple of years beggars belief. Apply in Darwin. Shame job CAAMA.

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Pay up, and you’ll make the news, inquiry is told
@ Tim Radburn: Our submission is with Justice Mansfield, please feel free to make one to him yourself.
The submission will be published on his web site, most of Australia’s media has a copy of it. Obviously, those in the media that are complicit in the promotion of fracking won’t comment on it, like the NT News.
It’s on the internet forever. I cannot be bought and I will not sacrifice the safety or security of the Northern Territory’s water for anything or anyone. Cheers.

Pay up, and you’ll make the news, inquiry is told
@ Bradley Jones: Thanks for your insightful comments. Our evidence sits in numerous folders. Yours?
Although I do agree, the canvas I have painted may be too hard to understand and lost on some, don’t feel bad.
You can get more information on our full submission on our face book page, 1 Territory. Have a great day.

Council rates draft: up 1.5% despite surplus
No seconder, does that mean don’t want the details published to show a blatant waste of rate payers money?

Fracking probe head rejects suggestion advisors may be compromised
In my opinion the NT Government’s Independent Enquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing has been compromised and is no longer independent.
It is also my opinion that the findings of the enquiry can no longer be relied upon by the community as and independent report without prejudice or biased.
The administrator will be informed of my opinion, I strongly advise others to write to the Administrator of the Northern Territory and express their concerns on the failure of this government to obtain independent advice in an independent enquiry which affects every Territorian.
This Government has failed to deliver on its election promise and is acting outside the interests of its constituents. It is not fit to govern.

Indigenous gallery, museum, CBD ‘revitalisation’ not in Budget
Someone in Grade 6 could have written a better budget than this, what a joke.

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