Gman, plenty of opportunities in Darwin, you would only have …

Comment on Shock resignation as radio station ‘Aboriginalises’ by Braedon Earley.

Gman, plenty of opportunities in Darwin, you would only have to sit in their studios and the conversation would become intelligent. Some of the dribble we have had to endure of the last couple of years beggars belief. Apply in Darwin. Shame job CAAMA.

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Hard choice on fracking for Katherine MLA

Bailed juveniles next-door to you soon?
Another Gunner Labor Government failure on the way.

Fracking forum with surprising rules
The panel is yet to declare any and all conflicts of interest it has and it should have also asked the same from those that submitted to them, including and not limited to consultants that they used.
Without said conflicts of interests declared, the final fracking inquiry submission cannot be considered a submission by the panel without compromise. Without prejudice.

Ailing economy needs on-shore gas, says Opposition
You can’t trust the CLP and you can’t trust NT Labor. Both want to frack.
The talk of an economic boom does not take into consideration the cost of remediating well failures now or into the future.
There is a world wide glut of gas. There are gas reserves being sat on by the same companies baying for the right to frack the NT, in other states in Australia and the Bass Strait.
There is no gas reservation policy in the NT. There is no downstreaming or proposed value adding to any gas produced in the NT.
None of the gas fracking models take into consideration the extraction, capturing, storing, transporting or remediating any oils extracted during the process.
Wet gas is common, condensates are valuable – but need a different management strategy to dry gas – not mentioned any where.
Higgins deserves to look like what he is: His party flounders with internal quarrelling, they can’t even organise a central council meeting. They haven’t had a president long enough in the seat to attend one, or general secretary for that matter.
They are as much an opposition as they are electable.
1 Territory will ban fracking when elected, make no mistake, the majority of Territorians don’t want fracking. They are just not being listened to.

Fracking failure: Now you see it, now you don’t
Sure, anything you say, Department of Primary Industry and Resources. That’s why it wasn’t in the final draft Report.
But of course, if you had mislead the inquiry or the panel and you could be found guilty of breaching Part 14 of the Inquiries Act NT.
Then who would spend the 12 months in jail? I am guessing if the NT Government was suing the NT Government, you guys might either settle out of court or release a statement saying: β€œThe Department has fully cooperated with the Inquiry.” Just a guess.

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