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@ Peter Ross: Yes Gman has had to fight for his existence at CAAMA since he started.
Discrimination against him was shocking, yet he stayed and fought for 16 years.
Maybe Desert Rat, after 16 years of fighting for his rights and continuing to lift the image of CAAMA Radio both in town and to the rest of Australia has had his toll and he can not keep fighting a board who do not support him.
Take a look at what he has done and where CAAMA has come.
How can the board and its management without a permanent CEO make such a decision? Instability is not what is needed.
By the way, what is happening with the CEO position, who takes that on, wait and watch this space I suppose.
Job for the boys I’m hearing.

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Shock resignation as radio station ‘Aboriginalises’
Is it out Erwin, Jobs for the Boys, heard last week the chair.

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@ Concerned Citizen: I again read the article. It doesn’t say anything about what you are implying. Do you know more about this than what is published? Very interested now.

Warrant for police search of construction firm office
@ Concerned Citizen: This is not what the article is about. Read it.

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What a great event this is. Great to see the cars moving through Alice Springs. Well done to them all.

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I too am interested, Desert Rat. Can he explain why he is living on a town camp and getting a car and top dollar wages? Is his rent the same as others in low income families?

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Government authorities need to step in ASAP.
These vandals need to be stopped and parents need to be responsible.
They know they can get away with it now because no one is touching them since the Don Dale fiasco and now with Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service (CAALAS) calling for the Judge to be sacked for daring to hold a youth in custody until he is assessed.
Come on CAALAS and Voller, what you going to do about all this happening now?

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