Tourism growth via budget flights into Alice Springs – an …

Comment on Big dip in housing starts by Boost Economy.

Tourism growth via budget flights into Alice Springs – an immediately boost to the economy.

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Wakefield insists on Anzac Oval, ignores majority
The Melanka site is central, empty and available. Flood mitigation next.

Shannon Rentsch, Toby Price fastest in Finke prologues
Congratulations to ALL the competitors. Well done!

Martin Luther King III ‘disheartened’ by what he saw in Alice
Challenge the elders to fight violence, poverty, homelessness, hopelessness.
Elders have this responsibility. STREET KIDS MUST BE TAKEN FROM PARENTS without recourse and educated to have any future.

Problem kids: The whole town must help
Alice desperately needs tourism and new business so kids can aim at jobs. Families are the problem. Australia wide food, medicine, no cash, no grog, no smokes welfare / pension cards required. Stop sucking up.

Airport charges ‘myth debunked’
Price gouging airlines are sorted by budget competition.

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