Whilst I haven’t looked into the phosphate situation, I heard …

Comment on 1.6b mining projects inching towards reality by Dr Who.

Whilst I haven’t looked into the phosphate situation, I heard a few years ago it was going to be a big problem, I would suggest if resources of phosphate are developed here in Australia, it is NOT exported but kept here.
I dare say, sadly, that we will see most of it exported for short term gain for multinationals, until it is depleted. Then what?

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Evelyne Roullet, sadly I agree with you. As I’m a bit older now the pollution of groundwater may not affect me in time.
However what are my sons supposed to do? Just pack up and move to the coast, Melbourne, Sydney?
No, thanks. This is just so wrong. I feel sad for what may, could, will happen to this wonderful part of Australia.

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I’ve been told the trees at the Melaka site were planted by early white settlers in town and are not sacred trees in reality. Is this true or not?

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