How much truth is in this $2b cut? Rolf Gerritsen …

Comment on Town gets a say in its economic future as $2b cut hits home by Daniel Davis.

How much truth is in this $2b cut? Rolf Gerritsen on ABC radio this morning said: “The $2b black hole is conjured up with the willing acquiescence of the NT News to create a sense of crisis.”
The cynic in me says that this “crisis” could be a convenient way of deflecting criticism onto the Feds for the NT Government’s backflips on many of its unfunded election commitments.
Either way, any claim that this wasn’t expected is either a lie or shows incredible incompetence. WA’s massive $3b per annum decrease in mining royalties, strong population growth in eastern states and an increasing fiscal capacity of the NT Government always meant we would be facing an almost impossible task to retain all of our GST allocation.
We will still receive $11,284 per head of population in GST allocations, more than double Tasmania’s $4,601, and twelve and a half times WA’s $878. Time for the NTG to rein in spending.

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Liz Martin says goodbye and good luck
What a shame to see Liz go, especially under these circumstances.
Anyone who has to deal with Licensing NT on a regular basis knows how entirely incompetent the majority of their staff are.
There are always two sides to a story, but knowing what LNT are like, Liz’s side sounds all too believable. God help the Road Transport Hall of Fame.

NT News interfered with reporting to protect ad income from NT Government: Allegation
Alex, you will find that the NT News negative reporting of the previous CLP government started well before Giles, in fact it played a major part in Giles’s takeover of the leadership.
In December 2012 following the CLP’s election win, Nigel Adlam had reported on some completely false allegations against Alison Anderson and the CLP, a good summary of this can be found on the ABC Media Watch website.
Mills subsequently withdrew all government advertising from the NT News which started an all-out war against the government. The NT News’s complete refusal to publish anything positive about the Mills government at the time was a significant source of consternation within the parliamentary wing, the rest is history.
Unfortunately the public seem happy to blindly follow the NT News despite, as you point out, its historically poor standards of journalistic integrity.

National Indigenous gallery process hijacked?
Why do we always need to knock down perfectly good infrastructure to just rebuild it elsewhere? Such a waste of money.
There’s a very large area of land owned by NTG on Stevens Road with views of the ranges and hills around the golf course. The site has sat unused and is much larger than the proposed Anzac site with no added costs of relocating infrastructure.
No point trying to “revitalise the CBD”, as pointed out above it’s been tried to death. The reality is that with the rise of online shopping people don’t use CBDs like they used to, they’re now no more than a work precinct. This can be seen in towns and cities across Australia.

Just in case the postie gets lost!
Whether or not you like the building, why is a number on the front laughable?

Alice tourism: slow recovery while Rock booms
Ian, I agree that Koinonia House shouldn’t be considered as a balanced contributor to the climate change debate, however, Russell’s point about our accurate temperature records is an interesting one.
If we accept that the homo genus has existed for at least 2.8 million years and we are using 150 years of “accurate” temperature data (at an absolute stretch), then the sample size of the data as a percentage of our species history is a ridiculously small 0.00536%, even smaller if we consider the total time life has existed on earth.
Certainly a sample of this size would be seen as inconsequentially small in any other form of scientific analysis. I know we have no other way of determining otherwise, and I understand that it may be best to err on the side of caution, but I am amazed at the absoluteness of conclusions on this issue claimed by many scientists.

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