@ Patrick: Myself personally, I barely know a single person …

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@ Patrick: Myself personally, I barely know a single person who is skeptical, wary or indeed anti-fracking – and who doesn’t appreciate modern technologies at the same time.
Feel free to call people names and to suggest those who don’t get behind fracking are hypocrites – but actually it says more about you than anyone else.
The sensible centre are able to look past the simplistic name-calling and rhetoric you spout – and know that the world is transitioning away from gas and oil as energy sources. The sensible centre is rightly questioning whose interests are being served by this amazing “milk and honey” industry.
Sure, oil and gas has dominated world affairs for centuries, and yes, these resources are going to be important for a while yet – but does that mean the NT should drop its pants and become a client-state for petroleum / gas industry?
Why should we rush to tie our economic and cultural future with this risk-ridden industry at this critical juncture in our history?
This idea that gas is going to solve all our budget woes is simplistic, mostly manufactured and mostly wrong. Why should we Territorians believe, now that we’ve witnessed the winners / losers of other major gas projects across Australia that we can expect better outcomes for the NT?
Let’s be honest; opening up the NT to open-slather fracking is NOT going to fix the Territory’s real issues! It will probably only make facing up to our REAL problems harder!
The big challenge for the NT right now is how to navigate a hostile Federal government and to emerge with some sense of sovereignty.
Does anybody really believe it is appropriate / accurate to tie “good schools, health, hospitals and affordable places to live” to fracking!? Is this truly the state of Territory political discourse in 2017?
As I stated on an alternative thread, enough of the going around in circles rubbish debate, time for us to develop a clear picture of the choices we DO have.
Signed 6th Generation Australian bushie. (@ Patrick: Sorry mate, perhaps you didn’t spend enough nights out under the stars of this great southern land to get it?)

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Milk and honey or fracking battle field?
@ Harold. What a lacklustre comment.
I have asked our esteemed editor an open question about whether the Alice Springs News Online (ASNO) will be taking an editorial stance at some point or letting this debate run.
Erwin has chosen the latter (for now?). That’s his prerogative. All good. The body of knowledge on ASNO will continue to grow.
For your information, I am thoroughly interested in the many levels of the so-called NT fracking debate and contrary to your comment, I have no interest in shouting anyone down.
We could look at fracking at many levels: e.g. Science / environment, research (what constititutes objectively sourced?), economic, media or geo-political perspectives, but what is the point when commenters like yourself are so quick to troll any attempt at intelligent dialogue?
Your comment demonstrates that you:
• are a hypocrite.
• are too gutless to use your full name.
• obviously you don’t get the fundamental principles of good debate (treat others how you would seek to be treated yourself).
• prefer to sling aspersions without even engaging in a discussion first.
So I will reserve my right to not waste my time engaging with you.
However in the interests of ASNO reader entertainment, I offer you a chance to show everyone you are not just another full-of-cheap-gas-keyboard-nobody.
Exactly how much community opposition will be required to determine that the development of a shale gas industry has insufficient social license to operate in the NT?
I look forward to your answer.

Milk and honey or fracking battle field?
Thanks Erwin, interesting stuff.
Now that this debate has pretty clear lines of perspective, winners and losers etc, will the Alice Springs News Online be taking an editorial position on shale gas fracking?

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Some creatures in The Centre used to be big
A fantastic opening event today in Alice Springs.
Great to see so many people in attendance and supporting this type of tourism destination.
Congratulations to MAGNT, NTGov and all involved.

Ryan runs on infrastructure boost, financial responsibility
J Hausler: Mayoral candidate Jimmy Cocking’s position on cheap flights can be found in his Tourism Leadership Policy here:


Art Trail, Explorer’s Way: big words, so far no substance
I believe that there is generally a positive mood across the related sectors / industries – and so far the government seems to be taking the right early steps with its arts trail related initiatives.
Further, the idea of investing in art installations or enhanced points-of-interest along key tourism routes (I assume that is what Mr Bignell is alluding to) is exactly what is needed.
Yes, I look forward to shortly launching an Alice Springs-to-Darwin app that showcases the potential of emerging app-based technologies.
My thinking is that if we as a Territory can get this stuff right, there is huge scope to create a lasting and positive impact across a range of levels.
Lots to be positive about IMO.

Fracked gas our only hope: Northern Institute professor
For someone who has argued the case for governance reform cogently in the past, this is a disappointing capitulation on many levels by Rolf Gerritsen.
Saying “go for it” is precisely the wrong approach here and validates so much that is wrong about Territory self-government in 2017.
Right now the NT needs a Chief Minister with a cool head who will stand up to the gas lobby and the vision-lacking Federal Government and their inconsistent rhetoric.
Undoubtedly Mr Gunner is facing pressure to give the keys to the Territory to big gas companies, but representing the decision he faces as based upon “gas royalties are the only thing that will save us” is a disappointing effort.
Surely Professor, any student that presented this argument in an economics class would barely receive a PASS. Surely such an simplistic analysis is not worthy of any Credit or Distinction?
Surely we can envisage a more strategic, multi-sector economic future for this great part of Australia?
The NT has plenty of ways it can position itself for a prosperous future without becoming a fracking free for all.
Perhaps it is time for our academics and leaders to help provide the people with a clear picture of the choices we DO have.

Biggest deficit in Territory history: Opposition Leader
Appreciate that our Opposition Leader is doing it tough but how about some clear figures and commentary about budget line items and the assertions he is making?
Is this really the best media release he can come up with in 2017?
A serious analysis of the hows and whys and the impact of the Feds GST announcement would serve Territorians much more right now that the tired ol’ Labor budget debt routine.
IMO it would be good to see our Opposition Leader negotiating the terms of bi-partisanship support on the big issues affecting the Territory’s future.
Perhaps even help the Chief Minister stare down Turnbull’s shallow northern power play.
Sadly all the CLP rhetoric indicates so far is that they gonna fall straight into line and sell out the Territory for very little strategic net benefit.
The future of the Territory indeed.

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