Can anyone shed light on the multistorey car-park that was …

Comment on Making the CBD vibrant, again: Detail, please. by Michael Dean.

Can anyone shed light on the multistorey car-park that was suggested at one point for the Church Car Park? Is that still being discussed or has it been dropped?
[Hi Michael … google our site.]

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Armed police auxiliary liquor inspectors start work in Alice
Let’s hope this frees up some police for more general duties patrols and this place becomes more attractive for tourists.

NBN: Higher cost for less speed in Lingiari
This guy is unbelievable. Old Warren wakes up from his 20 year snooze in Parliament long enough to bag the other party, then goes back to sleep.
Time to move on Warren, new blood and ideas are needed.

And now, your friendly neighbourhood prison
Sir Humphrey Appleby would be proud of that statement from Territory Families. A lot of words, short on specifics on what they are actually doing.

Yet another escape from youth detention centre
Reckon they’d be better off putting in a revolving door and a taxi rank out the front.

The millions and the misery
Amazing … $32m budget and $28m in salaries. They know who to look after, don’t they.

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