Can anyone shed light on the multistorey car-park that was …

Comment on Making the CBD vibrant, again: Detail, please. by Michael Dean.

Can anyone shed light on the multistorey car-park that was suggested at one point for the Church Car Park? Is that still being discussed or has it been dropped?
[Hi Michael … google our site.]

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It’s the economy, stupid (NT style)
Ok then Sue, tell us how you would tackle the debt?
What would you cut and by how much to deal with the debt.
Hollow words until you give details that can be examined.

Pilot academy for Toowoomba: why did Alice miss out?
One can only hope they are following the lettering in the name Qantas when announcing where the academies are being located.
Queensland for the first and NT for the second.
Let’s hope.

Wowser games?
Everyone has their own opinion I understand, but personally, having to go without full strength alcohol for a few hours … really.
But I am annoyed that Apex lose a chance to make some money though. Couldn’t the Gunner Government have given the licence to them instead?

Visitor centre without parking is like a pub with no beer
The visitor information centre was only moved a few years ago from the council building to its current location.
I agree, lack of parking and sign posting is an issue, but let’s not waste more tax payer money moving it again.

Anzac Oval: Minister won’t rule out compulsory acquisition
An international hotel is needed? Can’t see another hotel being built just to accommodate people coming to see the art gallery.
The CLP dreamt about one on the spare land diagonally opposite Harvey Norman and that got nowhere.

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