Todd Street / Mall? Vibrant? Again? Seems memories play tricks with …

Comment on Making the CBD vibrant, again: Detail, please. by Ross Chippendale.

Todd Street / Mall? Vibrant? Again?
Seems memories play tricks with people. When was Todd street ever vibrant? Maybe on a Bangtail Muster Day but really! It’s just shops and shops are NOT vibrant.
I know where you got the word vibrant from but that, too, was clouded memory. Shopping centres cannot be vibrant, ever.
It’s people who add this quality. People, and if they don’t feel like being vibrant, then it won’t be.
You must get the people of the town interested, not just landlords, councillors and wannabee politicians. Real people.

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The unfinished business of Sorry Day
I have no doubt at all that many children are being removed from families and will become a “stolen generation” if we must put a label on it.
To me, this is inevitable in today’s Australia. I speak of all children, not just Indigenous. In the major cities children are regularly removed from families and when one looks at the circumstances the child was “living in” mostly you could not disagree that the home they had was less than suitable.
These kids are regularly abused, abandoned and worse by people not fit to care for an egg.
Clearly, the children are not safe in those environments. Drugs and alcohol would be the things people blame for this but the truth is that parents make decisions to use those substances and care not for their kids until afterwards, if at all.
Having seen how many Indigenous children were treated by their families years ago I cannot condemn them to remaining at home with parents who abuse and neglect them.
My mother was one who took some of these kids in at times to give the family some relief. That was through the CWA. So it’s a problem that has been around as long as people have had children and it is NOT unique to any race or religion etc. It is common to all humans.
There are many of us who will criticise this sort of action, removing children, but what options do those kids have?
Stay and be destroyed or removed and maybe still destroyed. Foster families do not have a good record of giving adopted kids a good life. I lived next door to one such family and the children they gave a home to were always suffering. We heard it often as kids ourselves.
As I see it nothing has changed for children through the ages. Sorry can never make up for what they suffer and lose.
Can I say to Mr Tilmouth that the parents of these pending stolen children are the problem and always will be.
“Indigenous people are still waiting for the second step,” said Mr Tilmouth, “which is to have a say in the control of their own affairs.”
I advise Mr Tilmouth that waiting to be given what he wants is a losing strategy. Most groups that have success in getting what they want must take what they want. Or, at least create it first.
Making speeches and writing letters will never achieve what he seems to want. Indigenous people in this country have been given many chances to have “a say in the control of their affairs”. Just look at ATSIC. How much was given through that authority and where did the control go?
Certainly not to the whole people, just those running the show. C’est la vie, Mr Tilmouth. Don’t beg mate, create the control that you want and apply it, government has been waiting for someone to show them what to do. They have no idea as we all have seen over decades.
The children? How do you change that many parents, Mr Tilmouth? The same goes for all children in this country mate. How are these parents changed? Do we need to issue licenses to be parents? It feels like we need that but it is ridiculous to even suggest it.
People have children but have no idea what they are doing and resent the commitment afterwards. There must be valid training for those wanting to be parents for them to change.
I have written this, not as a criticism, but as a way to let people think about why things get so bad. Stop that before it does become so awful. After is never good enough.
Don’t EVER wait for politicians to act. They won’t.

Mum to represent Alice at world triathlon meet
It is wonderful to hear that someone can break out of the depression cycle with determination and ability.
I really like what she has been quoted as saying in that she manages her depression etc. with diet and exercise. Unlike the headline claiming she has overcome depression.
Long term depression can’t be “overcome”. But it can be managed and this lady has shown us all how she has done that.
I can only wish her success in her sport and a long, content life.

A shield against suicide
I must ask.
This lady wants financial aid to set up some app. It involves a long-term strategy that Indigenous people have been using for thousands of years.
Given that claim, why hasn’t it been working for the last, what, hundred years?
There are NO quick fixes to suicide and people do copy when it sadly takes place. Why is it that people think they can stop something with an app? It goes way deeper than that. The entire human race must change and stop the way they behave today and for more than thousands of years.
Man’s first reaction to anything negative is to fight, oppose, take and dominate.
Just like the first man was. It’s Neanderthal thinking to expect a change from an app.
How on earth are kids going to even see an app? Why do people think everyone has access to the internet and sit there staring at it all day? They don’t.
Dismissing medicine is a pointer to the thinking here. I’ve been suicidal many times and for very long periods. But I am still here, without any apps.

Incompetent Labor Government deserves $2b cut: 1Territory
Oh dear, I’m confused. Surely Mr Earley isn’t writing letters such as this with a political agenda in mind. Surely not. Then again, obviously Mr Earley knows so much about what the Labor mob CAN’T do right.
I’m just not sure there is anything left that they can do right, in his opinion. Pun intended.
I do tire of such partisan grandstanding.

Youth detention unchanged after ‘Don Dale’, says Chief Justice
Does anyone really expect any change to what has been for so long? It’s really rather simple is it not? Criminals and offenders face sentencing and be it prison or youth detention it only occurs when someone has infringed.
If you don’t think that then you may as well just cancel every law in the book. People don’t live by laws, now do they? How many of you have driven under the influence, over the speed limit, dangerously? How many of you have had a cigarette where you shouldn’t, by law?
Most of you have broken laws and done so all your life without regard for penalties. It is only once a person is caught and given some sentence or fine that they even think about it.
Law does not prevent crime, it makes criminals.
A Royal Commission? And what may that achieve? Sure, the Government may change standards in youth detention for a while, but the offenders will not change as most would not even know such an enquiry exists. And their daily lives will not change through a Royal Commission looking only at the place where offenders are held.
Law does not prevent crime, only people can do that. Law is simply about setting punishments for what are deemed crimes and that changes regularly over time.
It seems to me that those in charge, from Turnbull down, still have no idea what the problem is.
Underprivileged people must always turn to crime as they have to survive. Isn’t that obvious to all? It is to me.

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