Todd Street / Mall? Vibrant? Again? Seems memories play tricks with …

Comment on Making the CBD vibrant, again: Detail, please. by Ross Chippendale.

Todd Street / Mall? Vibrant? Again?
Seems memories play tricks with people. When was Todd street ever vibrant? Maybe on a Bangtail Muster Day but really! It’s just shops and shops are NOT vibrant.
I know where you got the word vibrant from but that, too, was clouded memory. Shopping centres cannot be vibrant, ever.
It’s people who add this quality. People, and if they don’t feel like being vibrant, then it won’t be.
You must get the people of the town interested, not just landlords, councillors and wannabee politicians. Real people.

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Oh, sure. Alice Springs is certainly somewhere lacking in space to expand. What sheer stupidity. Even if you did this, what kid will ever feel good playing on graves. Now I’ve heard it all.

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To use an old commonly used saying: “Frack? Me dead.”

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Still fiddling around the edges and getting nowhere? Any restriction on trade for a legal product is clearly open to challenge under other legislation.
What colour to use? Good grief, what a waste of a letter. And barmen rarely monitor the consumption of any drinker. It goes against the owners’ drive for profit.
Why don’t you try and come up with practical ideas ranting about “little dears” is also just a waste. How did those little dears get the booze in the first place? From adfults of course. Any thoughts?

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Pity there wasn’t an answer that said equality in marriage is equality in suffering.

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Excellent photo. Those dust storms could be epic, couldn’t they. Catching one about to hit is great timing. I recall riding a bicycle around during these storms, wearing a handkerchief for dust protection. Many did that actually. Not today.

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