Freedom of the road takes bikers to Alice



HOG stands for Harley Owners Group and riders of some stunning examples of that species of motorcycle are breathing in the freedom of the South Stuart Highway today.


Up to 700 members from all over Australia of the HOG are making their way to Alice Springs for the NT Rally hosted by the Alice Springs Chapter.


The gathering will last for three days, with the Thunder Run on Saturday.


After that the riders will disperse in all directions, said one seasoned participant in Glendambo for fuel this moerniing


Craig “Dobby” Cassidy, the director of the Alice chapter, says the hosts of this big biker event are “just like other HOG groups.


“We’re a bunch of normal people (well, mostly) who get together every second Sunday, to go ride our Harley-Davidsons. We are a small dedicated group, between 30 and 45 members.


“We have a core group of about 14 that regularly attend all of our events. We have about eight different locations we regularly ride to, and we all try to attend at least one interstate rally per year.”


Right now they’re returning the hospitality.




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  1. John Hodge
    Posted May 1, 2017 at 5:39 pm

    Great town _ and the local Harley Dealer gives excellent service. We were there on our Harley in 2007.

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  2. Go the Hogs
    Posted April 29, 2017 at 7:51 pm

    Go the Hogs. A great tourism advertisement for the Alice.

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