About time someone said something about the lefty loonies running …

Comment on Elferink attacks ABC’s Four Corners: Royal Commission by GBC.

About time someone said something about the lefty loonies running the ABC with their one-sided reporting.
Every story has two sides, they only ever see one.
It has been going on for years at our 8c?? a day. Good old tax payers again.
The only outcome from these inquiries are the increased sales of Mercs and Rolls Royces by the legal eagles, the longer it can be dragged out the better they like it! Good old taxpayers again.

Recent Comments by GBC

Ratepayer, do you want your money back?
Your’e elected to make decisions council, make them! Just take it off next year’s rates and stop pussy footing around wasting money on how to spend it or how to return it.

Advocate: Getting it wrong on their big day
The Advocate has never been the same since you left all those years ago, Erwin. The investigative part of journalism left with you.
Read it in the “Darwin News” today and the Advocate next week is the current situation, papers not worth reading often.
Like so many things of today, unfortunately the dollar rules!

Scullion to spend $40m to find out what $1b achieved
$40m to find out where the money has been spent!
C’mon Scullion, get out of your office and talk to a few on the street and you will find out real easy where it has gone (you may also be told where to go) plus have in excess of $39m to spend where it is needed.

Cart before the horse on gas pipeline?
What portion of gas is directed or saved for our own needs, now and the future?
It will all be exported overseas and we will be paying higher prices for gas to cook our steak, similar to the east coast now.
From Moomba to Bass Strait the gas is going to Gladstone and overseas.
At least WA had some concern, a portion of WA gas production is for WA use.

Murdoch’s Centralian Advocate probes Alice Springs News Online – and engages in selective quoting
If the Advocate put the time and effort in, chased and printed news like the Alice News and had a web page, sales would no doubt soar. Long live Alice News.

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