About time someone said something about the lefty loonies running …

Comment on Elferink attacks ABC’s Four Corners: Royal Commission by GBC.

About time someone said something about the lefty loonies running the ABC with their one-sided reporting.
Every story has two sides, they only ever see one.
It has been going on for years at our 8c?? a day. Good old tax payers again.
The only outcome from these inquiries are the increased sales of Mercs and Rolls Royces by the legal eagles, the longer it can be dragged out the better they like it! Good old taxpayers again.

Recent Comments by GBC

‘Anzac Oval not for sale’: govt under pressure on gallery plans
Let’s forget the whole issue! The way this “govmint” is spending money my great, great grand kids will still be trying to pay off this debt.
The day must come when the credit card is full. In any event a couple of local students with design ideas would have come up with a better proposal.
Some clown with a pen and coloured pencil pack has spent five minutes of their day drawing a few lines on paper in an attempt to appease locals. A sad failure at that.

A further step for Alice to become a mountain bike Mecca
Having coffee in Launceston recently when a group of riders pulled in. Got talking as one does and several had been to Alice and ridden some of our tracks.
They could not speak highly enough of the time they were here, the rides and what a great spot it is.
BUT, then came the hit and comment from them was: “Don’t think we will be back as it was too expensive.”

Government alcohol policies a giant hangover
$12m for bottle shop watchers! It is not a taxpayer’s responsibility. Send the wages account to the bottle shops at the end of every month. If not paid the place is shut down.
Why only Tennant for new grog rules? Is there not a problem in the rest of the Territory?
Over the years Tennant has been a favourite to be hammered with various grog rules, none of which have worked.
How about all of you pollies show some of the necessaries, get out of the pockets of the grog industry and make some hard decisions, rules and laws that are made in the interests of Territorians and for the Territory as a whole.
In true Territorian speak, show some balls!

With Gunner and Scullion, Batchelor doesn’t need Santa
Batchelor Institute is a huge sponge soaking the dollars thrown at it with little result.
Some 12 to 15 years ago a very nice lady was given teaching qualifications (three years as a full time Batchelor student) with all the raz ma taz to go with it, the congratulations, head nodding, hand shakes, fancy certificate etc.
Good on her, but unfortunately she could not even fill out the simplest of forms when asked.
What hope did the kids she was supposed to teach have in the big bad wide world?
Overall a very expensive and sad situation. What has changed?

New attraction while we can’t look after the ones we have?
Gunner needs an edifice to hang his hat on before he and his Government disappears into oblivion. Will need to get it built quick he way they are heading. Trust the credit card can handle it!

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