Just a few thoughts: A Mall is a Mall, it …

Comment on 10 ideas for revitalising the Alice Springs CBD by Maya.

Just a few thoughts: A Mall is a Mall, it is a pedestrian way not a motor way with parking lots. The previous revitalization and removal of the sails was in my view an error of judgement. I do not understand how motor cars can revive business and provide pedestrian activity.
I would like to see the whole Mall for walking as a promenade from early morning for breakfast time to 8pm, even 9pm in summer, with some greenery and canopy.
The current use of metallic benches reduces any wish to sit down and relax, being too hot in summer and too cold in winter, with no shade overhead.
Some opening towards the Todd River which is currently only used for ugly grey administrative buildings and car park when it could be better used for relaxation over a beautiful view, while munching a roasted cob of corn or drink a latte or lick an ice cream.
Improve the decoration of shop windows to attract buyers, even after closing time: they will come back the next day. Too much ugly cheap stuff on the footpath does not attract the discerning buyer, certainly not the overseas tourists.
Security and insurance premiums have taken over and the shutters drawn down after 5pm make the Mall look like a gaol. More lighting after sunset will bring more human presence and beat the unruly and bored kids and reduce the need for more policing (again a gaol feeling).
Allow coffee shops to remain open till late. All depends on rental which are much too high. Property owners are greedy, it brings town down to their own disadvantage.
Pop up art is a nice temporary solution. It shows what the locals can do and how creative Alice is.
Small eateries (perhaps on the river side) not only on market days but regularly could help attract some life on a daily basis together with young (or not so young) musicians gigs.
A water feature seems ridiculous in a dry desert climate when PAWA ask us to reduce costly water consumption.
And finally, urgently, use the Melanka site quick and smart for the new Aboriginal art and culture centre including researching, learning and teaching of Aboriginal languages.

Recent Comments by Maya

‘Anzac Oval not for sale’: govt under pressure on gallery plans
Do I remember that the grand stand of Anzac Oval was redone in an improved version not so long ago?
In opposition to new virgin land, a fantastic backdrop, no relocation costs, no demolition cost, no feelings hurt, a clear slate to draw the national (not local, not NT, but national, to make Canberra envious) Aboriginal art gallery, next to the land, birds and ecosystems of the Desert Park.
I definitely cannot see what the current NT Government sees in the Anzac site … unless, indeed, they hide some ulterior motives that the “electorate” should not know.
Please rethink, reconsider, or tell us WHY!

New energy for anti fracking campaign
Whoever wishes to represent the NT must represent the wish of the people. The people of the NT have said NO FRACK’n FRACKING.
Seems clear enough to me. 135 recommendations, implemented or not, will not change that fracking for gas is no good for you, except for the pocket of some.
When shall we put energy into solar in the NT, Mr Gunner?

Art gallery: Door slammed on Desert Park
To Lauren Moss: Will, will, will … wishful thinking. Let’s hope for the best.
But Desert Park site is a missed opportunity, the one preferred by experts who gave us well informed advice.

National Indigenous Gallery advisors: ‘Release full report’
“Connectedness to country … room to breathe … centre of international excellence”. Are these empty words?
The Chief Minister declaration yesterday that the government preferred site is the Anzac Hill precinct is not yet in the bag. It only opens discussions with other stakeholders. So I hope.
So far, it seems to be a process that is emphasising location in response to local issues – such as revitalisation of the CBD – rather than focusing on the vision originally announced.
Here I recall the words of the CM yesterday: “A place where people, tourists, can walk from their hotels.” Immovable hotels in an immovable commercial centre
The long term development of Alice Springs is again at stake.

Art gallery consultation flawed: Opposition
Yesterday, at the launch of the 2018 big infrastructure spending projects, the Anzac Hill Precinct site was declared to be the “preferred location” for the iconic National Indigenous Art Gallery. Preferred by whom, is my question.
It seems that the government ignored the recommendation of the steering committee. Why then having a steering committee and expert advice?
How can one decide on the site when there are still uncertainties about its use: ATSI Art, yes for sure, but language and culture are still under discussion.
How does the new building, to stay for good, will fit in the future development of our town? The issue of long term town planning is still unanswered.

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