Adam Giles will clearly make an excellent ambassador-at-large, which is …

Comment on I cannot recall, Giles tells the Royal Commission by Careful with that $, Eugene.

Adam Giles will clearly make an excellent ambassador-at-large, which is his new job for Gina Rinehart’s pastoral kingdom.
He will remember less detail about matters of interest to the police, future Royal commissioners, the new NT ICAC, and/or the Taxation Commissioner, than Alan Bond, Joh, Christopher Skase, Ben Cousins, and Dougie and Dinsdale combined.
Such a great asset to any ambitious enterprise.

Recent Comments by Careful with that $, Eugene

Keeping youth in sight
Rainer, I agree with your point about consultation with the effected youth, and the easy, commonsense way to do it: “To capture the youth’s ideas people employed in Youth Services could survey the kids they work with and schools could consult their students.”
As you observe, that would be likely to produce far better results than “elected members and council staff [meeting] with members of the community”.

Desert town in springtime: new look festival
Sounds pretty good. What a relief after last year’s fiasco.

Youth crisis: broken window of tolerance
A very clear and intelligent presentation of key facts concerning the situations of many of the young people who run wild in our streets at night, Rainer. I hope many Alice residents take the time to read it properly.
I particularly appreciated the clarity of your reference to the role that entry to the police and justice system (and later imprisonment) plays in the formation of the identities of many of these kids (to quote: “Especially for young people who are easily impressionable and grappling with a sense of who they are, the mere experience of imprisonment entrenches their identity as a criminal and further orientates them to recidivism.”)
If only more people realised the importance of this insight, and appreciated the folly of failing to respond sensibly and intelligently to this key contradiction.

Seniors concessions praised, but questions about tiers
Fascinating to hear that seniors who were grandfathered will keep their concessions and receive $500.
Would be even more interesting to know what that means.
Exactly what did the grandfathers do to the seniors? Care to tell us, Sue Shearer?

Bottle shop cops ‘security guards, paid for by the taxpayer’
Neither Paul McCue nor James Smerk understands the role of the police at the TBLs / POSIs outside the takeaway grog outlets.
They are not there for the purpose of policing the outlets, nor for the purpose of proving security for the benefit of the outlets and their customers, although they do some of that incidentally in the course of their main duties.
The reason that police are there is to prevent the trafficking of alcohol by people who have no legitimate place to drink it, and who are intending to drink it in places where it is illegal to do so, such as Aboriginal lands where communities have asked the Liquor Commission to declare areas dry, or town camp leases which the Federal government has declared dry for the wellbeing of vulnerable residents.
These are the sole reasons that police are stationed outside the off-licence liquor outlets.

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