Someone in Grade 6 could have written a better budget …

Comment on Indigenous gallery, museum, CBD ‘revitalisation’ not in Budget by Braedon Earley.

Someone in Grade 6 could have written a better budget than this, what a joke.

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If society withholds social licence, would that stop fracking?
Jimmy Cocking, you are legend mate.

Fracking consultation meaningless charade
Thankyou Erwin for your honest opinion. It’s such a shame that your counterparts don’t share your honesty. The fracking inquiry has long been thought of as an expensive / distracting attempt by a Gunner Government short on ideas and economic credentials as the answer to their economic woes – created by the Henderson Government in the first place.
The fracking inquiry, run by people we Territorians we have never heard of, and will never hear of again after the inquiry, is a massive JOKE on us, the temporary care takers of this precious land. The inquiry was set up to seduce us into believing that fracking can continue with what ever rubbish rules and regulations they put in place.
It’s a sad day when the population is to be convinced that fracking is a good thing, in the full knowledge that the safety of our water ways and water tables cannot be guaranteed if fracking is allowed.
But that wont be a problem for the Pepper panel, they won’t be here in the next couple of months or the ensuing years to drink our water. Only we will.

NT News interfered with reporting to protect ad income from NT Government: Allegation
After reading such a story you could be left with two trains of thought.
[1] If you live by the sword you die by it, and Mr Walsh is no angel when it comes to [running] his version of a story even after he has been given all the facts. Most people I speak to are pleased he got sacked and follow that up with “he deserved it”.
[2] Then there is the issue of credibility, a disgruntled employee etc etc and we all know how that ends.
But, and a big but, what if what Christopher Walsh is saying is accurate and there is NT Government interference in what the NT News prints, what if this is true?
It would certainly vindicate the claims from the political party 1 Territory of vindictive behaviour by the NT News during election campaigns.
But who would have joined the dots without Christopher’s own admission of [alleged] collusion between the NT News and senior Gunner Government Executive Public servants, who would have guessed?
But, there is nothing to worry about because there will be an internal disciplinary hearing on the matter? But what if there isn’t on the basis that it would reach into every Gunner Government run department?
Who would Joe Blow in the street make a complaint to about the [any] abuse of tax payers’ money spent with said media on the basis of influencing the same?
The NT Police? But what if they are involved as well? I know the Chief Minister? But it was his department that is in the spotlight for exactly that reason?
Who does one complain to? The alledged illegal activities are worthy of the media’s focus. BUT will we get the truth or will he take gag money on the steps of the court?
Where is the Department of Public Prosecutions on this? Isn’t their mission statement “to provide the community with an independent, professional and effective criminal prosecution service”? Where are they?
That’s right, their minister is a Labor politician.Will heads roll?
[If the allegations are correct] Territorians will still get the news that the public servant executives and the Gunner Government pay for, with money that should be spent on Territorians.
Is it any wonder that the Federal government is cutting funding to the Northern Territory.
They have every right to with this behaviour ruling the day.
Thank Christ for Alice Springs News Online.

Pay up, and you’ll make the news, inquiry is told
@ Tim Radburn: Our submission is with Justice Mansfield, please feel free to make one to him yourself.
The submission will be published on his web site, most of Australia’s media has a copy of it. Obviously, those in the media that are complicit in the promotion of fracking won’t comment on it, like the NT News.
It’s on the internet forever. I cannot be bought and I will not sacrifice the safety or security of the Northern Territory’s water for anything or anyone. Cheers.

Pay up, and you’ll make the news, inquiry is told
@ Bradley Jones: Thanks for your insightful comments. Our evidence sits in numerous folders. Yours?
Although I do agree, the canvas I have painted may be too hard to understand and lost on some, don’t feel bad.
You can get more information on our full submission on our face book page, 1 Territory. Have a great day.

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