Someone in Grade 6 could have written a better budget …

Comment on Indigenous gallery, museum, CBD ‘revitalisation’ not in Budget by Braedon Earley.

Someone in Grade 6 could have written a better budget than this, what a joke.

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New energy for anti fracking campaign
1 Territory will ban fracking if elected to office.
We will compete in the Federal election and the Territory election and any by election in between.
We were founded on banning fracking and its the platform of our party. It’s not our only policy.
Get with Territorians that are going to kick some serious arse if elected. WE WILL BAN FRACKING AND WE WILL NOT GO BACK ON OUR WORD FOR ANYTHING OR ANYONE.

Lewis died as his former position was being discussed: Source
What a woeful story, let’s hope this is not true and that the administration of the CLP weren’t targeting a 78 year old life member of the party.

Graeme Lewis died at CLP meeting
A political swordsman, who out cut, fenced and witted candidates, political aspirants, ministers, political sponsors, NT Labor, Federal Labor, chief ministers, senators, statutory authorities, inquiries and party members. An enormous political mind.
There will never be another Graeme Lewis. My condolences to his family.

Jacinta Price ready to turn her back on the Town Council
It will be an easy choice for Centralians at the next Federal election: Country Liberal Party / National Party (whatever they are that week) are pro fracking and Labor Federally are pro fracking.
If you want fracking to proceed vote for the CLP / National / Labor Party candidates and nothing will change for Aborigines.
Federal funding of the NT, airline cabotage, beef roads, mobile coverage, health or education for Territorians – what’s changed since the last election?
Jacinta has proved the value of her word, just like every other federal CLP / Labor politician before her.

Hard choice on fracking for Katherine MLA

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