Someone in Grade 6 could have written a better budget …

Comment on Indigenous gallery, museum, CBD ‘revitalisation’ not in Budget by Braedon Earley.

Someone in Grade 6 could have written a better budget than this, what a joke.

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Council rates draft: up 1.5% despite surplus
No seconder, does that mean don’t want the details published to show a blatant waste of rate payers money?

Fracking probe head rejects suggestion advisors may be compromised
In my opinion the NT Government’s Independent Enquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing has been compromised and is no longer independent.
It is also my opinion that the findings of the enquiry can no longer be relied upon by the community as and independent report without prejudice or biased.
The administrator will be informed of my opinion, I strongly advise others to write to the Administrator of the Northern Territory and express their concerns on the failure of this government to obtain independent advice in an independent enquiry which affects every Territorian.
This Government has failed to deliver on its election promise and is acting outside the interests of its constituents. It is not fit to govern.

Incompetent Labor Government deserves $2b cut: 1Territory
Opening a Dan Murphy’s isn’t going to increase alcohol consumption, it is going to take revenue from existing takeaway outlets – that’s the real argument.
The Federal Government is sending a message and for those that don’t listen you will have your funding reduced, period.

Incompetent Labor Government deserves $2b cut: 1Territory
@ Harold: This government has plenty of time to research and understand the role of the Commonwealth Grants Commission and the formulae by which they distribute the GST funds. Here it is for your information, please read it then re read what we have issued as a press release.
An independent statutory authority that operates under the Commonwealth Grants Commission Act 1973. The Commission recommends to the Australian Government how general revenue assistance should be allocated between the States and Territories. The Commission’s recommendations are based on the principle of horizontal fiscal equalisation, which is defined as:
A distribution of Goods and Services Tax revenue to State and Territory Governments such that, after allowing for material factors affecting revenues and expenditures, each would have the fiscal capacity to provide services and their associated infrastructure at the same standard, if each made the same effort to raise revenue from its own sources, operated at the same level of efficiency and maintained the average per capita net financial worth.

Incompetent Labor Government deserves $2b cut: 1Territory
@ Russell Guy: Sorry, mate, didn’t realise communities didn’t include townships.
The Dan Murphy’s no go is about political donations and mates of mates, your comments are noted, the BDR/TBL or retail floor size doesn’t stop the increase / decrease consumption of alcohol or problem drunks it just moves the problem out of your eyesight.
Last time I checked my B.App.Sc (Property Economics) was still on the wall. Cheers.

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