John, it is not my stereotypical categorisation but one …

Comment on Court placing itself above the community? by Evelyne Roullet.

John, it is not my stereotypical categorisation but one made by Indigenous Please read, before judging.
Those who know me could tell that I am non-judgemental (this include Aborigines) and I am not trying to redefine “what it is to be Indigenous”. Raised in Africa with mixed Italian, French, Turc blood flowing into my body and my brain, I can appreciate all cultures.

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Court placing itself above the community?
Quote: “The court has also long recognised ‘the continuing stewardship of those people over the various lands in Central Australia’ and ‘the social, economic cultural and other disadvantages to which Aboriginal peoples have been and continue to be subjected’.” End of quote.
To be or not to be?
“Don’t call them disadvantaged”: Successful Australians redefining what it is to be Indigenous

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Missing man found safe and well after 17 days
Police said they will interview Morton once he has recovered to learn more about his 17-day disappearance, including how he was able to survive in the extreme conditions. ???
The same way that Aborigines used to survived in Australia before the white settlers came.

The stolen child who went to university
@ David, Posted February 11, 2019 at 11:00 pm: “We need to get some things straight here.
If policemen, holy men of the cloth, miners, pastoralist, vagabonds of the day, had kept their trousers buttoned up and not pursued Aboriginal women, there would not be a stolen generation, that is, children sired by non Aboriginal men as those described.”
Your comment underlines the fact that those children were part of two communities: Aboriginal and European.
I am in total agreement with you, it was a disgrace that those children were stolen from their mother; but in this period of history women of any skin colour did not have many rights.

Make September 8 Australia Day, anthem in Pitjantjatjara
Great ideas, Ted.

Planning another plan
I am in total agreement with Puesdo Guru.

Australia Day: Alice’s role in it
@ Alex: I think that unless we sit with all our different sources, we will never agree on this point, as even our government states that Cook claimed Australia.

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