I know people are talking about the money involved, but …

Comment on Fossils display will be in former Westpac building by Michael Dean.

I know people are talking about the money involved, but personally, I like it.
I like the fact that there will be a new exhibit / attraction in the CBD which will potentially get more people in to the centre of town.
I can’t wait to go see it myself.

Recent Comments by Michael Dean

Bringing Arrernte language into town signage
If people think some local language signs are going to make Alice Springs a better place to live and more attractive to tourists, you need your head examined.
Reduction in crime and lower air fares, that’s where you need to start and build from that.

Ghan walk: Signs of the times
You only noticed the signs out the front of the Post Office because they were directly opposite your electorate office Conlan.
Ministers should be thinking more about the portfolios they hold rather than infighting.

Youth workers on the streets from 8pm to 3am
Finally. Some hope for long suffering Alice Springs residents. Hope it starts tonight actually. Curious as to why everything stops at 3am though, but it’s a great start.

The evasive closing gap: Focus must be on kids, says Morrison
How about closing the gap on crime in the NT?

Emergency Dept presentations back up assault stats
These are not figures our elected leaders should be proud of, even if there was progress in two areas.
But will anything change?

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