Although I can understand (but not sympathize) with promoting that …

Comment on Fossils display will be in former Westpac building by Trevor Shiell.

Although I can understand (but not sympathize) with promoting that end of the Mall, the reality is that there is little attraction in that end of town.
There are many better places to show our geological history. Georgetown in Northern Queensland shows theirs in a wonderful display of paleontology as a Panorama Guth type display on the walls of their visitors centre where the display is at the height of a 10 year old child and traces the development of various species of the district, as well as the local geological history.
At the ASRI site on the South road there is a great display of the local mining industry, and local geology / minerals and who is doing what and where. Problem is that it is not on display to the public.
This is but one of many potential tourism attractions between the town and the airport which are never acknowledged for their potential to make this town unique as it once was.
It should start with an interpretation cum visitors centre for the whole of the NT where the welcome rock is, and directing visitors to where we want the economic activity to be.
In May last year I sat at the rock for day and counted 102 people having their photo taken there in one morning!
Where the stagnant housing development is now could have been a vibrant display of everything that can be done here to make it the unique place it once was.
Who knows we grow onions, grapes and sweet potato here? And what of the Indigenous food / medicine developments behind ASRI?
Who might like to invest in those industries here and where do they go to see them? What about camel milk?
Some of your readers may have see the portrayal of a multi million dollar international industry in Dubai on SBS recently, and now in Victoria.
There have been at lease three attempts to do that here but their efforts have all gone unrecognized or unseen. Myopia or dazzled by the display of yellow rabbits?

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Horses starve, rotting carcasses near homes
As with camels, goats, pigs, cats, foxes and dogs they are ignoring the science.
A friend use the natural pheromones of a mating female to aggregate and shoot foxes in SA 50 years ago when skins were highly priced.
The animal lovers in Europe soon shot that down to the detriment of our local natives.
He built a unit at Surfers with the proceeds.
Together with Nicholas Rothwell and Peter Cave we witnessed perhaps 1000 camels gathered for the same reason north of Lake Eyre 10 years ago and I have since seen the same thing on the Sandy Blight road.
I have had the same experience in aggregating feral goats on the SA/NSW border, and many of us have experienced dingos howling for a mate.
We don’t need helicopters, but a basic understanding and the application of their natural mating behaviour.
But on many matters we close our eyes and minds.
A useful addition to CDU would be to commission this work to be done by the CRC unit for feral animal control currently based in Tasmania, as I remember it.
There, of course, are plenty of feral dogs, camels, donkeys, pigs, horses and pigs (Sic) but far more votes.

All views about gallery location will be considered: Lauren Moss
The obvious place is still in conjunction with Yirrara College.
After all it’s their culture that is on display and they need to be involved in acquiring the skills need to manage it.
I wonder how much longer it will be before powers that be realise that there is a whole new tourism province waiting out there south of The Gap where there is a captive market on the way in from the Airport or Uluru.
I have directed a number of people to the airport fields in order to see camels, many from the Welcome to Alice rock, and on Tuesday last week 30 vehicles pulled in there in there in the hour or so I was there.
Market research? Where is it? The fossil museum also is a vain attempt to bolster tourism numbers at that end of the Mall. Let’s see some numbers. In my opinion it should have been at Alice Springs Research Institute with the rest of the geological history, just as is happening at Richmond and Winton, and an integral part of a brand new tourism precinct.
And what about the potential of Desert Knowledge Australia to demonstrate what is happening here in arid zone technology?

Half a billion dollars for NT roads: Scullion
Money for the Tanami is good news.
That is the shortest distance from the food bowl to the Eastern markets and begs the question of why has it not been recognised that we are at the intersection of three major cross country highways, a national rail link and an International airport and created a National transport hub at Brewer to capitalise on it.
Now add in the rapid advance of electric vehicles and electric trucks are going to revolutionise the transport industry here.
Tesla have an electric truck on the market with a range of 500 km and huge cost savings over diesel with other trucking companies close behind.
In addition the Halls Creek people are planning a transport hub in Kalgoorlie to cater for the same hub market.
Once more we will be caught napping, as with the cultural centre.
It’s no coincidence that Coober Pedy is installing massive solar and wind generation.

Gallery swap: Aborigines second in pecking order
Still the most obvious site is south of The Gap adjacent to Yirara College where the students can proudly be involved in displaying their own cultures and get background experience in commercial operation of a business. They could display the positive side of Indigenous education – an Indigenous school of the air, which I believe would be even more commercially (and culturally) successful than the existing one.
Where do visitors see bush tucker or Indigenous medicinals? Perhaps between the houses at Kilgarrif. Add to that an up to date visitors centre at the Welcome Rock and you have the nucleus of a brand new tourism hub, leaving the current CBD for he historians.
Where have all the verandas gone? They were part of our history, and culture.
As Graham Sawyer recently pointed out in Darwin this does not happen because of the well dug in vested interests North of the Gap.
Just another example where we have been gazumped, as there are at least two more cultural centres now on the drawing board. Time for a radical change in thinking.

Government backflip leaves Centre’s youth worst off
Handball the whole problem to the NT Law Society for them to administer and personally look after these people.
After all, between them and sections of the media they seem to be able to point out all the problems, and make all the money from them.

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