Alice Springs Town Council, promotion of Alice Springs seems to …

Comment on Council: one third of budget still unspent by A Masonn.

Alice Springs Town Council, promotion of Alice Springs seems to be far more important than your income source – married couples and singles, who have to pay increased rates year after year ad infinitum.
Why is the council spending a fortune on the promotion of the town when the only beneficiaries are local businesses? Surely this is the responsibility of the NT government?
This council and the previous ones for the last twenty or thirty years have forgotten their core duties – I wonder if they care? Self promotion seems to be the priority.

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Apathy rules. OK.

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Good on you Erwin, continue to encourage debate on serious issues. If only the corporate press, who monopolise what we hear or read, would do the same.

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Hypocrisy rules OK.

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“Our flag is a harder and more controversial area of possible change.” I’m not so sure it is.
The Australian flag as we know it today did not officially exist until 1954.
Although designed in 1901 it was it was generally referred to as the Australian blue ensign or the Australian red ensign and our official national flag was the Union Jack.
I recall my father telling me that during WW2 the Australian red ensign was more commonly seen flying above buildings in Melbourne than the blue.
In fact, when I attended Hartley Street primary school in the late 1950s the Union Jack was still being flown though it was no longer our national flag.

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