What would our country look like if government and corporations …

Comment on The gaolers and the gaoled: new exhibition by Mark Wilson.

What would our country look like if government and corporations entirely had their way? Do these people never travel overseas and revel in the beautiful old historical built environments? I think how it took the NSW BLF to save the Sydney Public Domain behind the Opera House when developers in cohort with the NSW Govt were intent on destroying the space and the glorious fig trees. The historic Rocks area, even the grand Queen Victoria Building were destined for demolition! What is wrong with people when they get a little power? They can do a lot of permanent damage in their brief five minute tenure. A pox on many of them.

Somehow Kieran we saved the gaol when we got our act together after the bogan developers saw the quick buck before our town’s heritage, and destroyed much of our town. Alice certainly isn’t ‘A town like Alice’, and a million miles from the fictional Willstown in Shute’s novel.

What must tourists think when they arrive and find the rust bucket, The Plaza and now the Supreme Court? To add insult to injury there are forces to reopen Todd Mall to traffic and make fifty car parking spaces! Like that will change business fortunes. The Mall is for tourists who enjoy strolling when they feel safe. It’s really quite sad.

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Gallery business case far from ‘well underway’
Is everyone as confused as me? So, more consultants are needed until they serve up the desired outcome? Maybe the Minister should have said “plans for plans are well under way”.
All sounds quite a fiasco. So, fix the brief to fix the desired NT Government outcome and dress it up as consultancy. I really must be missing something. Silly me. Forgive me, please.

Lhere Artepe director on aggravated assault charge
That we are having this conversation of said assault by a person emerging from the court on aggravated assault charges confirms that naivety aside, that too many people do have the attitude as described by Trevor.
We witness this type of behaviour daily. It is not wholly confined to Indigenous either. Our society has encouraged a sense of entitlement and a tolerance of unsatisfactory behaviour.

Visions from the Centre to light up the Sydney Opera House
How wonderful is this! The Opera House has become such an amazing canvas for all sorts of causes.
I do hope that the space is used for inclusive and not divisive causes of City of Sydney Council and NSW Government.

Will more consultants get tourism out of the mire?
Sorry Local 1, you don’t qualify for a consultancy fee on two grounds:
1. You’re a local and may see our town up close and holistically.
2. You speak too much common sense. Cannot possibly be a bloated “consultant”.

Will more consultants get tourism out of the mire?
Oh Trevor! I lament the stupidity and endless waste of money.
Who thinks the curbing at the southern Visitor Rock looks good in photos or is even necessary?
It’s like the Coober Pedy council undertaking curbing the streets in that iconic town. Makes you cry. Then the huge waste of money building that fencing and rail / road crossing through The Gap.
You are so correct. We had the Visitor Centre in a lovely position near the taxi rank and the library. Incidentally near the oversize parking on the river. But you’re correct. Put it out at the Visitor Rock.
The government now needs to manufacture visitor attractions. It seems it needs endless committees as well.
Why bother when their recommendations get ignored anyway? Too many of the iconic old buildings have not been protected by the NT and local governments.
Our town, that bloody courthouse that towers and reigns over us all could be a CBD just about anywhere.

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