Governments, magistrates etc. restricted by archaic laws can do nothing …

Comment on Slow gains on exploding youth crime by Bad Kids.

Governments, magistrates etc. restricted by archaic laws can do nothing to stop out of control offenders.
The “Do Good Society” reached its use by date long ago.
A rural “Training Farm” with strong power to make hard work for offenders is necessary.
Idealistic, yes, but the alternative is anarchy.

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ALL governments must support taxpaying businesses – not waste money on BS schemes.

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Errant Politicians should be gaoled for major mistakes?
Private Enterprise must plan NOW via Northern Development Corporation dollars.
Feds can’t say no to fair requests:
ASP needs flood mitigation, urgent, refer Townsville floods.
ASP needs Qantas Pilot Academy No 2.
ASP needs Tourism boost?
ASP needs a Cultural Centre via Council.
ASP needs massive solar power generation business.
ASP needs surplus freshwater pipeline from coast for rural irrigation projects.
NT needs workers / backpackers?
NT needs law and order problems sorted fast.
NT needs cash cards for needy full blood Indigenous ONLY.
NT needs mining investment allowances.
OR CHINA would sort it FAST.

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Very smart SA.

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Townsville floods are a warning – be prepared! Floods and fire.

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• Alice needs flood mitigation.
• NT Government needs Qantas pilot programme in Alice.
• Alice Council should buy the Melanka site and build and control cultural centre.
• Northern Development Corp has funds. USE THEM.

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