The Advocate has never been the same since you left …

Comment on Advocate: Getting it wrong on their big day by GBC.

The Advocate has never been the same since you left all those years ago, Erwin. The investigative part of journalism left with you.
Read it in the “Darwin News” today and the Advocate next week is the current situation, papers not worth reading often.
Like so many things of today, unfortunately the dollar rules!

Recent Comments by GBC

Air traffic: Looking down on Alice
Can’t help but being a cynic, direct flights from China then on to The Rock for 24 hours and back to Darwin to catch the return flight to China, with a short time spent in Darwin and surrounds.
What else have the Government cooked up?
As for the press release saying how good it all is, just more spin and garbage pumped out by half baked minders who would have difficulty getting a real job.

NT Govt persists with push for Anzac Oval ownership
The only thing definite about this art gallery is that the government really has no idea of what to do or how to go about it.
It puts out pollie talk press releases and advertising at great expense that say nothing of consequence.
When some concrete plans, designs and ideas are presented it may encourage people to go along with what is proposed and even be involved with the final result.
Until then bully boy tactics by the government and their minders will continue to get people off side and dig in harder against the whole issue.

Council shoots Anzac precinct gallery down in flames
The council have finally found some intestinal fortitude, well done to all.
Now is the time for the government to start afresh with some genuine consultations, some constructive ideas and plans and a desire to do what they are elected to do, govern for the community.
Has this whole incompetent fiasco been the elected government as such or is the tale wagging the dog as has been happening for years? The beauracts running the place like the famous Yes, Minister?

Anzac Oval: hand it over, says NT Government
If the council roll over on this one they can all resign and close the council down, they are not needed.
Should the “gumit” come up with firm plans and proposals I could even think about supporting the whole concept however the “plans” as proposed and shown to date, a few lines drawn up by some school kid is far from what one may expect to be suitable for a national building in Alice Springs.
In any event, if the government was private enterprise they would be closed down for trading insolvent.
They just keep spending our money as if there is plenty to come, the final day of reckoning is getting closer, the debt will never be repaid.

Wowser games?
No grog??? I would not have a issue going along with this no grog plan if it attacked the problem of regular drunks and the side effects thereof.
One can see more drunks in one night along Mitchell Stgreet in Darwin than will be seen the whole of the Masters Games period.
What are you doing about that?
Very little because you are in the pockets of the AHA and liquor industry and they control what goes on in Darwin.

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