People like Di Natale never cease to amaze me: “Australian …

Comment on Greens on Pine Gap: Move towards non-aligned foreign policy by Hermann Weber.

People like Di Natale never cease to amaze me: “Australian strategic interest do not lie with America.”
If it had not been for America entering World War II, although belatedly, he would now be speaking Japanese and the Jackboot would have crushed Britain. History is important even if some people have a short attention span.

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Liz Martin says goodbye and good luck
This is unbelievable. I fully understand Liz and wish her well. What she has achieved cannot be denied. Petty officialdom gone mad must be held accountable. Where are the Oldies who made our Town what it is? Can you imagine this happening when Everingham was in charge? One word from him would have fixed this mess. I do hope, but won’t hold my breath, that this will be solved in an honourable way and at least the bureaucrats involved get the sack.

Lightshows: nature can do it so much better
Outstanding, Alex.

Town council’s unanimous ‘no’ to fracking
1) It’s not in the job description of the Town Council.
2) I guess if you think you can forever ride on the coattails of the rest of the country, ok, just oppose anything that might make you financially independent.

29 become Aussies in The Alice
Congratulations to all of them. And welcome to our New Australians. May you all prosper and live a full live in this wonderful land.

What will our cultural celebrations look like in a generation?
And as predicted by Ian Sharp those things happen then we will no longer have an Australia. The country we are proud of today will no longer be.
Yes, things happened in our history be cannot be proud of but reparations have and are being made. When I arrived here 65 years ago I was amazed what had been achieved in a very short time. Cities, industries, services. Things that took other countries 1000s of years to achieve.
Does a date really matter? The fact that we are a proud nation should be celebrated and acknowledged.

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