Am I reading this right in that a decision on …

Comment on Fracking probe head rejects suggestion advisors may be compromised by Ian Rennie.

Am I reading this right in that a decision on fracking boils down to cost?
How on earth can the public have faith in this whole thing when the argument of cost comes into it?
Fracking is used solely because the mega rich multinational companies who do not give a dam about our country have politicians doing the suck up to them and no doubt there is a lot of palms greased in the process.
If any politician cared one iota about Australia they would be against fracking.

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Ailing economy needs on-shore gas, says Opposition
Mr Higgins, the sign you propose is “we are suckers” is it not? People like you Higgins, are the type who allow any foreigner in to do whatever they please as long as they can flash a wad of money.

Fracking probe boss gets facts wrong, says Australia Institute
It is easy to see how the gullible some sections of the public are when big business quotes big job figures using mirrors. 32,000 jobs? They got to be joking no matter what there explanation of this is.
I do hope this fracking does never get the nod. Foreigners never care about the country they are raping.

Keith Lawrie Flats – people have had enough!
Seems strange to me that the solution to the despicable behaviour of some tenants is to sell the units so that private owners will be able to control these poor excuses for human beings.
The government is elected to make laws etc to control society and so it would seem to me that the problem lies in a total lack of intestinal fortitude on part of both the government and the department of housing. Need I say any more.

Inquiry into fracking: Giving it the green light?
As usual we shall find in the end that multi national corporations and their greedy Australian shareholders, crooked politicians and the like will once again make a fracking joke of Australia.

Let the gas flow, says Nigel Scullion
Stick to your guns, Gunner: Fracking is what the mega rich multi nationals do because they do not give a stuff about Australia and it is so good to see a politician stand up to them.

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