It is apparent and recognised that the many first people …

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It is apparent and recognised that the many first people around the world were treated shockingly. We, in Australia need to be united as a nation of people where EVERYONE is treated equally.
I am unsure of the wording in the constitution but I hope it says something like all people and does not exclude anybody.
Whilst there is (unfortunately) some inequality in the dealings with some Aboriginal people, there seems that from a percentage ratio there is much more money provided to them.
I am all for equality, but equality has to work both ways, over all aspects.
In my opinion it serves no purpose to keep bringing up the past and in many instances it seems this is being used as a political tool. Doing this only generates resentment at possibly hatred and certainly racism.
We need to get on with life and work to build a strong and prosperous nation.
The moment the word “together” is used, it infers a divide. “Together” should be replaced with the word “All”.

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First Nations want a ‘Voice’ enshrined in the constitution
@ True But: That’s exactly the attitude that is contributing to the problem.
So why don’t you work out a formula for a one off payment?
Getting handouts based on conscience is very destructive for to the payer and payee.
If you are referring to land as assets then it should be simple to calculate a REALISTIC rental payment. Then we stop paying royalties and we could save hundreds of millions.
Your one liner, clearly shows you are happy to contribute and exacerbate the problem rather than working out an equitable solution.
I note none has been able to answer all of my questions.
May I suggest you become a politician!

First Nations want a ‘Voice’ enshrined in the constitution
So how long should we keep paying? Common criminals get out of prison after serving their time, so are you also suggesting that we keep punishing them for the same crimes?
I agree there were atrocities committed but as I have said, failure to move on will only fuel the issue.
Whilst you express your sentiments perhaps attempt to offer a solution!
Please bear in mind that in order to continue to empower Indigenous people we need to move forward from our emotions and act with respect, acceptance and understanding.
Can someone explain why job advertisements can say “Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders are encouraged to apply” without there being a little racist slur or why there are schools where whites can’t go?
I mentioned earlier it has to work both ways.
Let’s do that and prosper or keep wallowing in the past and see the further degradation of our wonderful country.

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What REALLY goes on in our streets: Youth worker
I see a hell of a lot of passion in these threads.
It’s good being having their lives ruined by the pollies and other impotent government departments.
Unfortunately we breed a society of no blame or accountability and the pollies only endorse this by their own lack of accountability.
Send the pollies to the boot camp and boot them up the arsenal in the literal sense.
They can be accompanied by the do gooders and we may have a chance.
I note in Queensland there is some stupid law about assaults on persons over 60, so they must be condoning assault on younger people.
Good thing I’m over 60, so when I’m walking alone any potential perpetrator will know magically, that I’m over 60 and seek out a less vulnerable target.
Really! FFS, we need to super chlorinate the gene pool and sponsor the Darwin awards.

Open doors, not flogging, will reduce juvenile offending
Clearly Alan is looking through rose coloured glasses. What would be “nice” is if people could walk around without being abused, accosted or such and it would be “nice” to know our property was safe.
The aim of the government is to desensitise any issues they can’t control. Crime is one of those. Coupled with the fact that a lot of crime goes unreported for many reasons, the stats may eventually show no crime in Alice Springs. Whooa 🙂 So the pollies will have achieved their promise.
But, we keep voting for them and believe their unachievable promises and put up with their often moronic decisions.
So who is really to blame here?
Interestingly I have a friend who reported some information to the volatile substance abuse service. They asked him to send photos. They must have thought he was blind or they didn’t believe him, so he may need to send the photos with a newspaper date and GPS coordinates for verification and so that if they ever get off their arses and have a look, they can find the very obvious scene.
The government and its agencies are not taking this issue seriously.

Mayor Ryan short on answers on top issues
Perhaps “Alice Local” could shed some light on the great job the mayor and council are doing, or do you have very low expectations?

Mayor Ryan short on answers on top issues
Erwin, the editor’s note unfortunately confirms my scepticism of Damien Ryan’s suitability to continue to be Mayor.
Of the myriad of questions he could have posed to you, none seemed befitting of the topic.

Mayor Ryan short on answers on top issues
Erwin, you are such a bad man. You must know that pollies and mayors and the like, only like pre vetted questions. Ad-lib doesn’t work for them.
Perhaps what you should have done, is sent your questions a month in advance, so Mayor Ryan could have had time to scramble some answers, or at least to lay the blame elsewhere 🙂
Perhaps we need to consider disposing of the Alice Springs Town Council and find another solution.

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