What a well written article. Makes me regret not going …

Comment on Dancers slow time to shift perceptions by Eleanor Diflo.

What a well written article. Makes me regret not going to the performance.

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Bottle shop cops may not like it, but are needed
Use your profits to deal with the alcohol abuse. After all you are the only beneficiaries from the sale of alcohol

Art at Anzac oval: No new rugby fields, says Lambley
Thank you for the Hansard record. It puts a different light on the sporting facility.

Gunner ‘demotes’ Alice: art gallery options ‘lacklustre’
Mayor Damien Ryan’s suggestion seems very logical. He gave very good reasons as to why the art / cultural centre should be at the Anzac Oval complex.

Bottle shop cops ‘security guards, paid for by the taxpayer’
Publish the profits that bottle shops make. Alcohol causes problems in our community. Let those who make profits pay for the licensing officers.
Alcohol is not an essential service. So let the owners pay for security and the problems caused as part of their licence fee.
Cigarette companies should pay for the health problems cigarettes cause.
Like asbestos,the companies which profit from the sales of these harmful products should pay for the harm the products cause.

Lambley wants ALP probed on Dan Murphy’s
It is sad to see our politicians and the media wasting time on this issue. Alcohol is a problem Territory wide. We don’t need more alcohol outlets. Who is benefiting by supporting Dan Murphy?

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