In days gone by when the ratepayers of Alice Springs …

Comment on New brawl looms over civic centre loan by Concerned tjilpi.

In days gone by when the ratepayers of Alice Springs had concerns about matters that would affect them there were public forums held to debate or justify the direction we should go.
This process was a democratic way for us all to have a say and make proposals in the interests of not only the ratepayers but also in the interests of every person who provided input into this wonderful town.
I propose a public forum or forums be held to gauge public sentiment on the matter Cr. Melky is raising further to his discussing it in council.

Recent Comments by Concerned tjilpi

Alleged toddler rape: Why she hadn’t been taken from her family
@ Heather Wells. Yes Heather, [because of alleged events it appears] we have another young life traumatised because of domestic violence and alcohol misuse.
Where to from now. How best can we overcome the felt helplessness most of us must be asking ourselves or feeling.
The ranting, the raving and even the blaming will dissipate while the risk to another innocent child will remain evident if nothing is fixed.
We certainly do not need to hear of another report.
While we go about our every day lives giving thought to how best to grapple with the current crisis we may feel disillusioned at how desensitised violent abuses to children are becoming when faced with local and international news clips.
As I battle with my own conscience and be witness to the media reports I read and see I despair as a human being and ponder how best I can be part of any solution.
Although somewhat helpless to act I consider my only response is to simply put to script my input to an awful dilemma.
Blaming child protection staff who we know are either greatly over-regulated or under resourced will only further exasperate the passion of many genuinely great staffers who may consider exiting from their much needed role of protection.
We need good people to receive the best advice and not be restricted to returning to the basic principles of care and in the case of struggling Aboriginal families, not to mention non-Aboriginal families, let’s have the decency to follow through on what Ms Cummings, and others of her ilk, have to offer.
It appears this woman has gained a wealth of experience in dealing with both child protection and domestic violence issues and her advice would go a long way to repairing the ills prevalent in the NT.
I would therefore suggest, for the sake of a much safer future for children, that the lead from those with the experience and knowledge should be pursued and not ignored.

Liz Martin says goodbye and good luck
Firstly Liz. Let me say I admire your courage to speak out.
Your commitment to our town I also acknowledge.
Your efforts to survive, which you have outlined are almost beyond belief-but like so many of us in Alice would know, having to deal with those lobbed into a position of authority, and I wish to emphasise lobbed, it can be onerous.
What you have diligently outlined is a story so many of us in the Territory have often had to grapple with.
Nowhere else in this wonderful part of Australia would the people, it appears, you have had to answer to, hold down or survive in a job.
However, one thing rest assured is certain is that those who have pulled rank on you will have to deal with, one day, what they themselves are creating-and it ain’t nice, believe me.
Liz, thank you for what you gave to Alice Springs, in many ways.

A say for rate payers shoved into ‘confidential’
As an avid reader of the Alice Springs News Online I am respectful of the enlightening remarks sent in by the many great minded and enthusiastic fellow readers.
I too will make a comment which I am obliged to do in what I see as a frenzy of varying opinions.
Much is written, and may I say, well written about the decisions and indecisions of our local council.
May I further go on to say that as a rate payer in this iconic great town I am greatful to be gainfully employed.
When I read the comments it would appear that harmony and democracy seem poles apart.
I can be and have been outspoken on numerous local, state and federal government decisions. I have been pro-active on those matters and have challenged them but the one thing I admire is the citizens who have have put themselves in the front line to represent us all, whether or not we voted them in to do so or not.
Recognize we live in a vibrant part of Australia and for a moment put yourself in the frontline as a representative.
In a democracy let us accept that those voted in had the democratic right of way and those who proudly attempted to get voted in are just as honourable, in my belief.
Yes, continue to scrutinize and seek accountability but do so in the knowledge that there will be other elections and further opportunities to convince the citizens of Alice Springs why your opinions and actions will truly represent what the voters need to assist them in this wonderful multi-cultural / indigenous landscape we all share.
Let’s accept that the role of governance is a representative one and by all means challenge what needs changing for the betterment of us all.
But I ask is it necessary to malign anyone if what they are representing is legal, transparent and above all, honest.
Ghandi once said, and I take heed from leaders such as he, that “Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it”.
Let’s live in peace and harmony to secure a worthwhile existence while we are able to.

No quorum to debate Cr Melky’s youth curfew motion
I do hope Councillor Melky reads this. His tenacity to push forward and provide potential evidence that it was best to pay off the council debts was in itself enough to suggest he has the potential to stand for Mayor.
However, when it comes to his push (over some time) for a curfew in our town let me say:Firstly experience a curfew, live through a curfew and most importantly don’t ever believe that such an imposition on the town will resolve what may be perceived as civil unrest.
It would divide, it would cause bitterness and it would alienate young people who, having been so restricted, would rebel more against the authorities who would have to monitor or police such an unjust regime.
Why not work with the families of the offenders, offer support to them and allow the youth and children who are not breaking the law to live and play in our streets without the fear of breaking a curfew. My curfew experience did not work.
Jerry Fitzsimmons, Alice Springs.

Cr Melky saves ratepayers $100,000+
I commend the whole of Council and particularly Cr Eli Melky for reaching a decision to pay off the loan. Setting aside the consultative process that occurred and the testy moments when fellow councillors debated the matter, it brought out the best in those we have elected to represent us all at Town Council. As Tony Jones often says at the end of Q&A, “Give yourselves a clap”.

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