In days gone by when the ratepayers of Alice Springs …

Comment on New brawl looms over civic centre loan by Concerned tjilpi.

In days gone by when the ratepayers of Alice Springs had concerns about matters that would affect them there were public forums held to debate or justify the direction we should go.
This process was a democratic way for us all to have a say and make proposals in the interests of not only the ratepayers but also in the interests of every person who provided input into this wonderful town.
I propose a public forum or forums be held to gauge public sentiment on the matter Cr. Melky is raising further to his discussing it in council.

Recent Comments by Concerned tjilpi

No quorum to debate Cr Melky’s youth curfew motion
I do hope Councillor Melky reads this. His tenacity to push forward and provide potential evidence that it was best to pay off the council debts was in itself enough to suggest he has the potential to stand for Mayor.
However, when it comes to his push (over some time) for a curfew in our town let me say:Firstly experience a curfew, live through a curfew and most importantly don’t ever believe that such an imposition on the town will resolve what may be perceived as civil unrest.
It would divide, it would cause bitterness and it would alienate young people who, having been so restricted, would rebel more against the authorities who would have to monitor or police such an unjust regime.
Why not work with the families of the offenders, offer support to them and allow the youth and children who are not breaking the law to live and play in our streets without the fear of breaking a curfew. My curfew experience did not work.
Jerry Fitzsimmons, Alice Springs.

Cr Melky saves ratepayers $100,000+
I commend the whole of Council and particularly Cr Eli Melky for reaching a decision to pay off the loan. Setting aside the consultative process that occurred and the testy moments when fellow councillors debated the matter, it brought out the best in those we have elected to represent us all at Town Council. As Tony Jones often says at the end of Q&A, “Give yourselves a clap”.

Yirara: Rebellion and failure or meeting a challenge?
I believe there may be worse yet to come with the current Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse investigations that are occurring involving Yirara College.
Much of the commentary above is centred on the ‘ADELAIDE’ involvement in the college and in time this interference may be questioned at the Commission.
Yirara College was once a wonderful place to be as a staff member.
It was a wonderful place to be as a student, many of whom are now adults in their own communities and who spent their formative years growing up with an educational perspective that provided opportunities for them to excel in their culture, in the white fellas way and importantly in their own way going forward, just like any student at any college.
This all appeared to change in the late nineties when a purge of the college’s internal management took place, executed from Adelaide and, from then on the cracks in a once great place appeared.
May I say to all those great educators and auxiliary staff out there who will read these comments, THANK YOU ALL for what you gave and for those of you who are currently surviving the reported crisis, in the words of Dave Allan, “May your God be with you.”

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