DR Who, I do believe that all ratepayers are represented …

Comment on New brawl looms over civic centre loan by Evelyne Roullet.

DR Who, I do believe that all ratepayers are represented at council meetings, as the councillors are elected to speak, act, or be present officially for a person or group.
If I have a question, I contact one or all councillors, it is easier and simple.

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Pack of girls attacked me, says Chinese on working holiday
Laurence: I am one of those useful idiots chanting that it takes the whole of a village to raise a child.
But, Laurence, this idiot has the guts to put her name to her posts. How can we take advice from an anonymous source? And who knows, the village could be healthier with people proud of their ideas and opinions?
You cannot publish your name? Because of your job? Your family? Get rid of them if this stops you to be true to yourself.
It takes the whole of a village to raise a child does not mean that the village has no rules. To the contrary. A village has expectations, behaviours, boundaries.
Breach of rules and crimes must be punished.

‘Bring back school based constables’
One tick for you Alex, from one ratbag to another.

‘Bring back school based constables’
Glynnis was doing a excellent job, with the support of the staff and the respect of the students.
Discipline was strict but fair but also parents were not interfering, whinging to the principal as they do now.
Alex can probably back be up on that (he’d better as I was part of the staff when he was a student, ha ha).

Government alcohol policies a giant hangover
@ Former resident: “No more drive through bottle shops for Alice or Tennant Creek.”
Why not Darwin? It is bad enough that I cannot buy my sherry for cooking before 6pm.
I have a certificate of naturalisation stating that I have the same rights and privileges than all Australians.
Close all drive through bottle shops and I will agree with you. Unless Northern Territory is not Australia.
You have the happy drinkers and the nasty and violent drinkers. Why put them all in the same bag?

Mayor: town needs ‘full lockdown’ on bottle shops
Local bloke: Would that make a difference if it was expensive wine? May be it is for a party, a take away for going away for one week or two!
Alcohol is already controlled: No cask wine, fortified wine before 6pm and limited to one bottle.
Control! Control! It is bandaid solutions punishing the non-guilty. Fixing the cause of the illness is more difficult.

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