I remember in 2011 there was a problem and about …

Comment on Night bus service for kids isn’t fixing the problem by Michael Dean.

I remember in 2011 there was a problem and about 30 police were sent here from Darwin and they had a very visible presence on the streets.
Maybe it’s time for a rethink or revisit of this surge.
I personally know of people who didn’t go to Finke for fear of having their property interferred with.
This is affecting business and tourism in the town.
While we can debate the value of a few extra hours of bus service (what the hell is that about anyway? Rewarding poor behaviour with a free ride home to brag to your mates about?) a determined approach is needed to curb all the damage and violence going on.
Council can contribute but only so much.
Mr Gunner, look down, we are down here.

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@ Thea: Money is being spent on education … billions … for years, the beneficiaries, the teachers. And now this is what we have.

Mayor: town needs ‘full lockdown’ on bottle shops
Maybe instead of a BDR that just says yes or no to whether you are allowed to buy alcohol, use the technology in a different way.
You show ID already with the BDR, but change it so it records when, where, what and how much is being purchased. From this the authorities could use the info to track down who is buying grog for others, and also track some grog runners. Just a suggestion.

Cops hush up dangerous joyride
And what about the businesses that get broken into and don’t get reported in the media releases? I know because I was the victim and caught the culprit in the act. And then legal aid say my dog is a weapon and may have actions taken against me.
Tail wagging the dog.

Cr Satour wants answers on ‘verbal abuse & violence threat’
So, these people get the rangers to escort them from the car park to the chambers. While the rest of us run the gauntlet alone walking the streets, going to the shops etc.
The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

30 scientists say no to fracking in the NT
Experts warning of dire consequences and increased emissions if we frack, and other experts saying by fracking we will reduce emissions and be better off.
I understand each side has their own barrow to push in all this, but how does the average person in the street understand which side is correct when we see “experts” disagreeing with each other and counterclaiming?

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