Eileen, you are the problem with our society. You place …

Comment on Judge Borchers’ position should be assessed: CAALAS by Whitney.

Eileen, you are the problem with our society. You place so much value on how these young criminals are spoken too? Really, that is what you took out of that.
I read how finally a magistrate is recognizing the damage this child has done in the community and how there really is no excuse for this child’s behavior.
This child is obviously not sensitive about his mother’s death or he would be at home mourning not distroying peoples property.
Whom do you think is paying for the repairs after this child has been out destroying?
You obviously have no idea the damage this child will do throughout his life not only to property and possessions but also the emotional damage his blatant disregard for the community will have for his victims and the communites there horrid actions destroy.
I don’t know how you sleep at night?
Obviously better then this child’s and associates’ countless disgregarded victims!

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Council not keen on offer of help to fight crime
This makes me so angry! How can Damien Ryan be so disrespectful and so stagnant on these issues.
I don’t know what his reasons behind refusing this offer to takle youth crime with Mr Alice and other traditional owners would be.
How can he possibly claim to care about Alice Springs when these issues continue to occur and still he remains quiet with no other viable suggestions for improvement, only ideas about water fountains in the CBD.
Perhaps he should step aside and let someone who actually has a set represent the community and let them work together with the Traditional owners in finding a solution. Surely this is going to be his last term in council, he has done enough damage.

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