Eileen, you are the problem with our society. You place …

Comment on Judge Borchers’ position should be assessed: CAALAS by Whitney.

Eileen, you are the problem with our society. You place so much value on how these young criminals are spoken too? Really, that is what you took out of that.
I read how finally a magistrate is recognizing the damage this child has done in the community and how there really is no excuse for this child’s behavior.
This child is obviously not sensitive about his mother’s death or he would be at home mourning not distroying peoples property.
Whom do you think is paying for the repairs after this child has been out destroying?
You obviously have no idea the damage this child will do throughout his life not only to property and possessions but also the emotional damage his blatant disregard for the community will have for his victims and the communites there horrid actions destroy.
I don’t know how you sleep at night?
Obviously better then this child’s and associates’ countless disgregarded victims!

Recent Comments by Whitney

More government handouts for alcohol traders
Could not agree with you more James! All of the additional revenue made by liquor outlets in the NT should go to a victims of crime fund for not just their house but cars, medical bills, property, and counseling services for the victims and their families.
Wouldn’t that be fair, considering NT taxpayers are funding police protection and now security upgrades while the effects of alcoholism ripple through the NT like a cancer.
How about the NT Government PRETEND they actually care about NT residents?

Leaving town: Centre, its creatures will miss Kaye Kessing
All the best for your next adventure Kaye and Elanore. The NT and all its animals you have helped will miss you! I totally agree on the buffel, unfortunately it is an endless battle : )

Golf Club gets Masters liquor licence despite missing deadline
And why after so many years would the Apex Club, a community organization that puts money back into the Alice Springs community, be shut out of the event by the Liquor Commission?
It sounds like a micro manager on a power trip has been promoted considering the Golf Club was unaware of the three month period before the event the application had to be in by.
Why do these [people] continue to be put in positions of power in the NT?

Golf Club gets Masters liquor licence despite missing deadline
What could the Liquor Commission possibly have against this event and the liquor licensees?
Let’s face it, the inappropriate use of alcohol in Alice Springs and the the whole NT is not from the Masters Games participants and spectators!
The fact there was no call from the NT police during the Red Center NATS to ban the sale of heavy beer yet they request this for the Masters Games is baffling!
Just another true reflection on the unqualified, uneducated [people] in power in the NT.
It perfectly aligns with the issues a lot of wine buyers are currently having trying to have their orders sent to Alice Springs!
Because we all know they are the problem drinkers causing all the social issues in town.
Wake up NT government and deal with the real issues in the NT and stop micro managing the successful events this town actually has.

Police want parents to stop youth crime
Why is it acceptable for the parents of these youths to allow them in the CBD after dark?
I wonder if I let my children loose in the CBD if there would be consequences?
Why are they not returned to their parents and financial assistance adjusted according to the parental involvement with their own child?
What is wrong with the NT Government and judicial system that continues to allow this behavior?
If it is not safe for these children to return home, why are they left in those environments?
Do they not realize the dysfunctional adults these children are going to become if the judicial system and NT Government continue to sit on their hands?
How about some Federal Government involvement – or is Gunner too proud to admit there is a large proportion of Indigenous youths in the NT that is totally out of control and he is way under-qualified to deal with it?

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