The community cannot afford to not assist this 13 year …

Comment on Judge Borchers’ position should be assessed: CAALAS by Ralph Folds.

The community cannot afford to not assist this 13 year old to work through the murder of his mother.

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Buffel grass: Don’t blame (only) the CSIRO
The Desert Park is by no means buffel free.
Even after thousands of hours of eradication work buffel thrives in places.
Buffel produces so many wind borne seeds that constant work is needed to control it.
Interesting to learn that the Brown Family were early introducers of the weed that now threatens the entire landscape.

National Aboriginal Art Gallery: Anzac Oval off the table
Evelyne Roullet yes there was disrespect but also the Aboriginal group just don’t get it.
The gallery must be viable, it must draw tourists and help local businesses.
It must be profitable.
It must be in or near the CBD.
Ryan, as a deeply conflicted employee of the NT Government, quite apart from being our Mayor, was always going to support the Anzac Oval proposal but he is also right on the economics.
We can’t keep expecting the NT Government to prop up our tourist attractions as they prop up the Desert Park.
South of the Gap is just crazy from this viewpoint.
Of course the Aboriginal group, never having to consider profitability in their lives as they are endlessly in the Government’s funding trough, miss this entirely.
But here’s a chance for CentreCorp, an Aboiginal owned body that ownes half the town including [half of – ED] Peter Kittle motors and the Yepenentyre Shopping Centre.
Let’s see Aboriginal money backing up Aboriginal culture with cash.

Zoning: Racial segregation can start in primary school
Thank you for shining a light on this well known but rarely discussed issue that perpetuates racial and educational inequality.

Top cop must go, says Congress after stabbing death
Cheap shot considering that Congress is a part owner of CentreCorp.
Until recently CentreCorp ran the Memo Club as a major source of grog for Aboriginal people.
So while Congress was getting $40m a year of tax payer funds for Aboriginal patients, many of them alcoholics, it was peddling alcohol to them.
Best for Congress to focus on lifting its own standards.

New NT tax an absolute disaster, says mining industry
Shares in Arafura Resources, the miner trying to start a new mine to the north of Alice Springs, dropped 9% today.
The chance of Arafura getting finance for the mine has been all but destroyed by this new royalty.
A lot of small investors, many of them Territorians supporting the NT, will lose their shirts.

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