A solution (way forward): In a word, bush camps. First offence, …

Comment on Judge Borchers’ position should be assessed: CAALAS by Hal Duell.

A solution (way forward): In a word, bush camps.
First offence, a warning. Second offence, three months. Third offence, six months. Fourth offence, nine months. And continuing if necessary. No excuses.
Wholesome food and a bed of one’s own.
Start each day with mandatory domestics. Then school in the morning and team sports in the afternoon. Again, no excuses.
No visits, and no pass-outs. Again, no excuses.
Either we break the cycle, or we continue as we are. Our choice, not their choice.

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Judge Borchers’ position should be assessed: CAALAS
I sincerely hope we have more like Judge Greg Borchers, as opposed to silly feel-good twits, looking out for us when the coming summer months are upon us.

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Large number of cars vandalised at Araluen
Agreed, the kids lack all direction.
Agreed, their parents are, as parents, useless.
But I hold Araluen management responsible for this latest outrage. What could they have been thinking, to schedule an event after dark in Alice as it now is, not as we might imagine it once was or someday could be, and not provide security for their guests?
This is now the cost of doing business in Alice Springs. Perhaps the new Araluen manager might want to forego the lure of a second hat to concentrate on his day job.

Keeping youth in sight
Isn’t Saint Joseph’s College doing its good work from the old Anzac High School? The same one Darwin wants to demolish to make way for an art gallery?
Easy digs aside, the idea of an extended, you-beaut skate park along the Todd between the bridge and tavern might be one of the best ideas I have recently heard for development in the CBD. I hope council and the community gets behind this. It really is a good idea.

ALP to ram through alcohol floor price: Lambley
Robyn, I have voted for you since you first ran for the Alice Springs Town Council. I have seen nothing on the current or near horizon that makes me think I will change my vote should you continue in politics.
However, on this we disagree. Scotland recently introduced a floor price, although this is under review in the European courts with opposition coming from the Scottish Whiskey Association.
Russia has one.
But the main example for a floor price comes from Canada where their’s has been shown to reduce alcohol-related domestic violence, emergency hospital admissions, chronic disease hospital admissions and traffic accidents across the country.
Alcohol is a foundation of the social ills ripping Alice apart. Read the stats from the hospital, the ambos or the police. Or take a walk along the railway line or along the river to see the floor of empty plastic wine bottles.
Either we address this, or we continue to go around in circles. A floor price seems to me to be as good a point as any to start.

Government backflips on alcohol floor price: Lambley
I hope they bring in a floor price, and I hope they further restrict take-away hours. One day out of seven with no take-away would be a good idea. And then look at the sheer number of liquor outlets with an idea of buy-back.
Alcohol is the social drug of choice for many, so plan ahead. It is also the anti-social drug of desperation for many, and unless we start getting on top of that aspect there will be little change in our troublesome mix.

National Aboriginal Art Gallery: Anzac Oval off the table
The biggest error of the Gunner / Ryan approach to this project was to conflate a National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Gallery with selling tourist trinkets to the punters on Todd Mall.
Big mistake. Now Gunner is looking foolish, Ryan is a lame-duck mayor and the gallery will likely go to South Australia.
The only obvious winner in this schmozzle is the Centralian Advocate who managed to sell several full page advertisements spruiking the Anzac site at, I think, $4,000 a pop.
An avoidable own-goal if ever there was one.

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