When we were kids we feared to do wrong because …

Comment on Judge Borchers’ position should be assessed: CAALAS by Do-Gooders Too Soft.

When we were kids we feared to do wrong because of the severe punishment. Under todays soft system, we would be out of control. Sound familiar?

Recent Comments by Do-Gooders Too Soft

Not us and them. Just us, says Cr Melky.
Cashless benefit cards for all NT [welfare] recipients. Food and prescription medicine only, no grog, no smokes. Regional growth depends on security.

Anger mounting over closing of Rock climb
Advertised “climb improvement” will bring tourists back.

Former gallery advisor scathing about its planners
The Alice Springs Art Gallery is small change: Northern Australia Development Corp has $5 billion over five years to invest. Massive business and population growth will come to Central Oz, airlines also (Ref – Office of North Australia).

Aboriginal gallery: rushed business case yet immediate start?
Have development contracts been signed? FIFO tradesmen need accommodation.

1 Territory too fixed on opposition to fracking: Lambley
The NT Government is superfluous. SA Government control over NT looms.

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