Well the Judge did the right thing. the Lad had …

Comment on Judge Borchers’ position should be assessed: CAALAS by Shock Horror.

Well the Judge did the right thing. the Lad had no home, no one to look after him and take responsibility. The Lawyer went in with the thinking, the Judge won’t lock him up due to all what is happening now with the juvenile detention issues.
The lawyer went in unprepared, no plan as to who was going to look after the lad, who was going to care for him.
The Judge did this so that the powers that be can assess the lad and work on a plan to allow him back into society. Brave move, Judge.

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@ Hal: I agree with Catherine, she needs (as well as all councillors), to feel safe whilst attending and leaving council meetings.

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Great stuff, well done.

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Now something might be done about the serious youth crime in Alice Springs.

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I agree, Lorraine Braham. What is council doing about it? Work together and do something.

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Totally agree with Phillip Alice and his views of taking it back to the parents of the kids. Why are their kids on the streets at night? Make them responsible.
If they don’t belong in Alice, send them all back to where they come from. Well done PHillip.

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