Sounds like a veiled threat from the ETU to me. How …

Comment on Electricity union predicts more blackouts by Surprised!.

Sounds like a veiled threat from the ETU to me.
How is it that for many years we have seen rises in electricity prices, but the possibility of an interrupted power supply remains an enigma.
In this day an age, the only reason I can accept is a natural disaster and even then there should be some contingencies.
Given that Territory Generation is a wholly owned company of the NTG, yet again it boils down to the Government.
It would be fair for the payers of the system (the taxpayers) to receive some cost reduction where the supplier cannot fulfil its obligations. Say $10 to every affected subscriber up to 30 minutes, then increasing from there.
The Government expects certain contractors to pay SLA penalties, so surely what’s good for the goose …

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Liquor Commission: Lawyer, social worker represent Alice
The commission will have its work cut out for them.
Having two Alice Springs people and a former Alice Springs person Pauline Reynolds, will assist in at least us getting some local input.
It is more than apparent that the commission won’t win any popularity contests, but hopefully they will provide some much needed guidance to the policy makers.
In the end we may have a safer place to live.

Offenders bailed to ‘country’: An option, says police
Perhaps its time for the community elders to step up to the plate.

Sweet Country, a voice demanding to be heard
I went and saw this movie on the weekend. It was a fantastic movie.
I was a bit annoyed about the bigotry displayed by Harry March and Sergeant Fletcher though, but across all peoples, there are always bigots.
I was very happy that Sam was treated fairly by the judge and regained his rightful freedom, but the end was quite sad.
I would have liked to be around in those days.
All in all a great movie.

$12m for new mountain biking tracks, camps
I’m not a mountain biker, but I do like camping.
Given the social issues in Alice Springs at the moment, perhaps the $12m would be better spent making the tourists safer in town, rather than getting them them safely out of town!?
There are plenty of beautiful spots to ride and camp already. We don’t need them handed on a plate.
It is insulting to think the government thinks we are all that stupid, that by funding this will somehow make us all forget the core issues it has created.

Kids in the justice system: The stark numbers
The stats are not surprising. Interestingly on an Australia wide note (as well), people complain that there are more Aboriginals (ratio) than non-Aboriginal people in custody. But nobody seems to be able to work out why.
Perhaps it is because there are more convictions of Aboriginals? Note there is no mention of offences, only convictions.
Perhaps Ms Wakefield needs to wake up and do something measurable to address this in the Territory?
Perhaps also, the taxpayer funded NGOs should be contributing 100 times more financially.
It’s really all taxpayer money anyway, but a token gesture would go a long way to acknowledging they are at least taking this massive issue seriously.

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