Sounds like a veiled threat from the ETU to me. How …

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Sounds like a veiled threat from the ETU to me.
How is it that for many years we have seen rises in electricity prices, but the possibility of an interrupted power supply remains an enigma.
In this day an age, the only reason I can accept is a natural disaster and even then there should be some contingencies.
Given that Territory Generation is a wholly owned company of the NTG, yet again it boils down to the Government.
It would be fair for the payers of the system (the taxpayers) to receive some cost reduction where the supplier cannot fulfil its obligations. Say $10 to every affected subscriber up to 30 minutes, then increasing from there.
The Government expects certain contractors to pay SLA penalties, so surely what’s good for the goose …

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Make Oz Day a celebration of the future, not the past
I’m with Janet Brown on this. She puts it succinctly and eloquently.

Police seek information after attacks on two women
When I go walking my dog at night, I carry a knife for protection.
It’s about risk assessment. The risk of being attacked or menaced is a lot higher than being caught by the police, so it makes sense.
In the unlikely event I get caught by the police, I’ll cry that I had a bad childhood or use the race card and the court system will let me go with a smack on the wrist.
To do otherwise would be seen as racially prejudicial.

Robbed man gets empty wallet back
Wow, those girls must be so fu**ing tough. To be able to rob a 71 year old. Perhaps we could nominate them for some kind of award.
How about the Sewer Rat Award? We could get one of the piss weak pollies to be MC.

Suddenly everyone is talking about 1Territory
Why is it that the pollies who did this are not held to account?
Surely in the legal system there is an avenue as there would be for former company directors?
I wish 1Territory the best of luck and they will get my vote.

Wakefield insists on Anzac Oval, ignores majority
Steve Brown: You raise some excellent points Steve, however you seem to be overlooking one very important fact.
If the government wanted to consult the masses, they should have taken the opinions more seriously.
The fact that they didn’t, is disrespectful to the taxpayer. So, was it just lip service?
I think you’ll find that this may be what has pissed people off.

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