Upgrades of the soccer season / football Ross Park grounds! …

Comment on Government, council collaborate on spending $6.2 for sport by James.

Upgrades of the soccer season / football Ross Park grounds! It’s a sport followed by many of our children.

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Councillor fumes over power station job losses
Going solar locally is good and I support it but it has its problems when our power infrastructure is not sufficiently able to carry the increasing generation from private property.
This results in the domestic private investor or organisations not receiving the maximum benefit on their solar panels.
Money needs to be spent on improving local infrastructure.

The Budget’s $20m CBD puzzle
What about a water park and meaningful investment for our youth fasciitis here in the Alice!
Once again Darwin politicians are only to willing to put more into Darwin.
It already has numerous government and private facilities for youth, not to mention spending that attracts more private investment and thus business jobs and population growth.
People in Alice already feel detached from the capital and this feeling is just growing in all areas.

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