As a long-time Alice Springsian who has also suffered property …

Comment on Hordes of kids rampage: 50 cars hit by Domenico Pecorari.

As a long-time Alice Springsian who has also suffered property damage on several occasions over the past few years (though not to anywhere near the same extent as Kittles) I hasten to remind everyone that nothing happens without a reason.
These openly destructive displays are the result of a community in decay, a community that has for too long neglected a segment of its society and is now shocked when they hit back.
Rampant kids on the street are as much a community’s problem, and responsibility, as they are for their dysfunctional families which are dealing with dis-empowerment, alcohol / drug abuse and disconnection with culture.
It’s time to admit that we have all been failed by past NT Government policy, as well as a local Town Council that washes its hands of responsibility, saying “nothing to do with us, it’s outside of our jurisdiction.”
It’s time for a “whole of community” approach to dealing with our town’s problems, not only social, but also cultural, environmental and economic.
We need to develop an integrated plan for the future, one which may involve some strong short-term measures, if our town is to have any future at all.

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Cemeteries could be turned into parks
Cemeteries are extremely important heritage places and are a treasure trove of information for historians.
Sadly, from my personal experience as a practising heritage architect, our town council administration lacks the expertise and sensitivity that is needed, and are more intent on “beautification” rather than respecting the heritage values of our town’s cemeteries.
These proposed changes to the NT’s Cemeteries Act need to be handled very carefully if we are to avoid irreparable damage.
Our local council and the NT Government need to seriously adopt “world’s best practice” and give more than just lip service to the term.

Problem kids: The whole town must help
Congratulations, Steve Brown, on presenting a solution that I wholeheartedly support.
Our town has an anti-youth culture that cannot handle youngsters that do not conform to adult expectations.
Instead of pushing them into sport-based activities, telling them where and when the can skate or ride a bike and generally treating them with suspicion, we should be providing them a supportive environment that allows kids to just “be kids”.
Steve’s practical idea is one of the foundation stones upon which a better Alice may be built, rather than the punitive approach exposed by Pseudo Guru.

Council sharpens focus on protecting water from fracking
My sincere thanks to Marli and the councillors who supported the motion for getting unequivocal protection for our town’s water supply.
True leadership looks to the longer term viability of our town, beyond dubious short-term profits. Clean, safe water is precious – a fact that is too often not appreciated until it becomes contaminated.

A bridge too far? A tunnel may be the answer.
@ Erwin. Sorry, but you seem to be confusing consultation with “debate”, which is what happens on these pages.
By consultation with the community, I meant that NTG and Council so-called “leaders” propose viable options, each backed up with factual data.
For example, has anyone bothered to ask the local Traditional Owners how they feel about a tunnel?
Community consultation is not about throwing up a contentious idea, set up as a “solution”, for us all to get into a scrap about.
I’d have thought they would have learnt something after the debacle over the siting of the proposed Indigenous Art Centre.

A bridge too far? A tunnel may be the answer.
This has got to be a late candidate for April 1st?
I have yet to see traffic jams through The Gap and there are less expensive ways to increase river flow and reduce flood levels in the town area.
How about some serious community consultation instead of another dictatorial debacle?

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