We all know whom to blame when Intervention 2.0 comes …

Comment on Hordes of kids rampage: 50 cars hit by James T Smerk.

We all know whom to blame when Intervention 2.0 comes around. The people allowing their kids to run around crazy and do this damage. Not the Government.

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Chance for elders to help cops fight youth crime?
Are we to assume the elders are living in perfect communities that have no crime and are a great place for kids to grow up because there they can enforce their wills. Think about it for a minute.
I fear the concept of the elders having some form or power is an old concept and no longer relevant in the society we live in.
Youths don’t have respect for anyone or anything. Sending them back to family isn’t going to fix the issue but rather give them an easy out of any form of punishment.
If I was a trouble maker I can’t think of any downside to breaking in to house or stealing cars, you get the rush and maybe get away with it most of the time and if you get caught get sent back to community.
Then catch the first ride back into town to do the same again and improve your skills by not making the same mistakes that got you caught before.
This town will continue to spiral downwards as the current juvenile population comes of adult age to offend with more serious crimes.
Mark my words, in the coming years there will be trouble (more so).
I’m sick of the government doing these pie in the sky ideas that make no sense. The solution needs to come from the people but need to be realistic and achievable.

Road Transport Hall of Fame is saved
Pull your finger out NT Government. You should be investing a lot more into this kind of thing! It’s an attraction and a national treasure.

Desert Knowledge precinct preferred for youth detention facility
Carrot or the stick. They only way for people to improve. They have to see the benefits of not committing crime, for example not being sent to a hell hole if they do.
If the consequence of committing a crime is being sent to daycare environment it doesn’t take much brain power to see that’s not going to work.
It all starts with loving safe home environments and schooling. Get these right and everyone will be better off. I would like to see the stats on criminals that came from broken homes vs people from loving homes.
Obviously it’s not going to be only one way but I bet it is heavily weighted one way.
So answer this question and its the best start we could hope for: How do we get the home environments of all young kids to where they need to be to lay the foundation for a better society?

$12m for new mountain biking tracks, camps
Surprised: Yes! that’s how they roll, they don’t want to address the real issues of town.

Aboriginal flag on Anzac Hill: the nays have it 
Why not wack a big Aboriginal Flag on another hill or even a huge one on the Mountain. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, we are all one. There were many nationalities that fought under our flag and this monument celebrates them all!
Adding more flags will just encourage the divide to grow, we need to come together as one.

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