@Domenico Pecorari. Utter rubbish, I am gobsmacked that you could …

Comment on Hordes of kids rampage: 50 cars hit by Laurence.

@Domenico Pecorari. Utter rubbish, I am gobsmacked that you could even suggest that this is a problem caused by community neglect. Let us place the blame squarely where it belongs, with the parents peering out from the bottom of a bong or bottle.

Too indolent to work, too pissed or stoned to provide the most basic form of care and yet you say it’s community neglect. For gawd sake take your head out of the sand. As soon as anybody suggests anything that isn’t [politically correct] they are immediately branded racist and shouted down.

This town is going from bad to worse and all you hand-wringers do is point the finger at the only part of our township that actually work and care.

If you want to build bridges in this town start with those that are being incessantly attacked and stop blaming them. What is happening in town is reason enough to have a “Saved Generation Vers 2.0”

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Sleeping on the floor in over-crowded juvie
Hahaha. Sent to Darwin away from family and friends … what an absolute joke.
Their family should have cared enough to stop them running amuck. And their bloody friends are the F-Wits egging them on.
It just gives the feral no-hopers reason to moan and scream for more funding.
Pfft a pox on the lot of you.

Albrecht oval lights a boon for sport, town: Cricket boss
Wonderful to hear from you Simon. Good to know that you don’t care about anyone but yourself or is that just how you come across. Sorry to disappoint but I’m not feral enough to live on the Old Eastside but by reading your tirade you certainly have all the prerequisites for that suburb e.g. whiny and self-indulgent.
I love your referencing of the Gardens Oval in Darwin. I can’t remember seeing any housing nearby or is it the Casino that you are worried about, perhaps it’s the amphitheater.
But I have to admit you have given all the readers a perfect example of what a NIMBY is. I just wonder if you complain to all and sundry if your neighbours leave their backyard lights on.

Albrecht oval lights a boon for sport, town: Cricket boss
I agree James but there will always be those narrow visioned few that believe their personal rights far outweigh something that could be for the greater good.

Three men escape from gaol
Amazing amount of knowledge of prison procedures expressed possibly balanced only by the complete lack of knowledge and understanding of how the cottage facility works.
It is possibly not surprising if your knowledge base is gleaned from 4 Corners or from a friend who knows somebody that once worked or visited there.

Three men escape from gaol
As Meatloaf once said: “Two out of three ain’t bad.”

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