Confused, Councillor Melky was present at a protest calling for …

Comment on Hordes of kids rampage: 50 cars hit by Scarlett Grant.

Confused, Councillor Melky was present at a protest calling for the closure of youth detention and now he calls on a class action due to the senseless vandalism by young people.

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Call for public to monitor police at bottle shops
Dr Boffa, since you state there has been a reduction in crime from police standing outside bottle shops, resulting in reduced medical admissions, does that equate to your employer not requiring the same level of funding in the next financial year?

Police: We do not condone vigilantes
Lets take a deep breath and wait to see what the court determines and whether the link with social media exists as has been suggested.
I doubt that this will occur as it does not suit the agenda. Violence breeds violence, we only have to walk around the streets of our community to see this in action.
Trying to segregate the community on the basis of race hate does not bode well for the future of our town.
Choice determines actions not the colour of skin or nationality or ones perception of such.

Ratepayer, do you want your money back?
Invest the funds, whilst the matter is debated, debated and debated.

Bottle shop cops ‘security guards, paid for by the taxpayer’
The government has acknowledged that the BDR has failed by the direction to police that POSI is to stay.
It is interesting that the local independent, Liberal and Labor members sit silent on the BDR.
The secondary supply is happening and how many break-ins involve the theft of grog or cash to buy.
Unlike the politicians, the coppers know the trends and are best placed to determine where resources are placed. This government is of little difference to the last.

Pine Gap and the Nobel prize the Oz government ignores
With the planned actions or events. Cate, hope this planning also addresses the planned clean up after or will it be history repeating itself again. I am sure ALEC / ASTC could educate participants on the impact if required.

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