With our once wonderful hometown’s population now reduced from 30,000 …

Comment on Hordes of kids rampage: 50 cars hit by Peter Bassett.

With our once wonderful hometown’s population now reduced from 30,000 down to 24,000 in the past 25 years and tourism numbers accordingly, and with Todd Street now devoid of any viable commercial enterprise, when are the Mayor, fellow Alice Springs Town Council members and Gunner going to realize they are now being recorded in history world wide on all social media, as those who ended what commenced so beautifully in 1871. Shame on you all, you disgust we who look on with utter dismay.

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Surprising conservative on council: Jacinta Price
Be very blunt Jacinta…. you are the first intelligent female I have yet seen being prepared to stand for what is right in not only Alice Springs but also Australia in general. I have not seen any prior female wearing the golden chains in Alice that has not contributed ignorantly to its present disgusting condition since our Town Management Board was abolished. I also put it on record here again, as I did in 1987 thru till 1999, as recorded at the Police Station and at Colocag Park Chambers in writing that racist, bigoted antisocial behaviour and its associated industry will be the end of Alice as the town we all cherished for 50 years as the best on earth. Cheers.

$16,000 sacred tree certificate
Sacred site bullshit … did Albert ever sit under any of these trees when Rex first helped him with his beautiful wash technique?

Dylan Voller’s mistreatment started in Alice Springs
Nice to see the ignorant bigotted leftard ABC/Labor joint venture doing its normal pre election racist tax payer funded beatup for Gunner and his tribe of fiscal misfits.
These old Dale records have already been attended to by the correct authority and any Blind Freddy could see those hardened lovely criminals were lying thru their teeth to the ABC bimbo. Turnbull, just like Fraser and Whitlam, has just proven world wide how ignorant he is.
It’s a shame Giles has sacrificed Elferink already in front of the lynch mob.
Hope the Dale staff identified have Shane Stone and Paul Everingham acting for them in their $50m defamation claim against Turnbull … and the ABC.

Cars in Todd Mall again?
I could fix Todd Street in one day … with two of my mates and their latest equipment.
And get the beautifully vibrant Town Called Alice that we all cherished back while all you over educated leftard pansies sit on your pink butts living off real taxpayers’ money.
Don’t bother to have a go at me as you all bloody well know I am correct … and deaf.

Town council: tiger or doormat?
Nice to see intelligent blokes like Brendan are still up there belting their heads against the brick wall of ignorant leftard simplicity and innuendo. Any respectable newspaper would not publish comments posted by a coward hiding behind a nom de plume. Amen.

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