Not an inspiring response from the Acting Deputy Commissioner. Effectively there …

Comment on Kittles car yard empty after kids run amok by Michael Dean.

Not an inspiring response from the Acting Deputy Commissioner.

Effectively there is no strategy or plan B to look to even though we can see the current one isn’t working.

Also, before any major event he has now confirmed that the Police need to “bank” their officers hours to keep to budget. So expect trouble prior.

Being a Commissioner of Police has responsibilities, if you can’t fulfill them, then you should be removed and replaced with someone who does have a strategy.

Remember the “protect” part of the NT Police motto.

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Yet another escape from youth detention centre
Reckon they’d be better off putting in a revolving door and a taxi rank out the front.

The millions and the misery
Amazing … $32m budget and $28m in salaries. They know who to look after, don’t they.

Airport charges ‘myth debunked’
Okay. So we have had the report, now time for some action.
Endless reports without any action on the findings is pointless.

Territory tourism playing catch-up
I see in today’s “Perth Now” website / paper that the Western Australian Government has done a deal with Qantas to entice more people to go to Broome than Bali.
Airfares have been reduced for a few days a week to make it more affordable to go to Broome.
Be nice if our own elected government would think outside the box a little bit and learn from other jurisdictions.

National Aboriginal Art Gallery: Anzac Oval off the table
We keep hearing about how much it will cost to build, but does that include the artwork that needs to be on display? Has that been purchased yet? And how much is it expected to cost to run this thing per year? A lot of unanswered questions but nice artist impressions in the advocate, paid by the taxpayer of course.

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