@ Michael Dean: I hardly see that it’s a police …

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@ Michael Dean: I hardly see that it’s a police issue. Remember the police are funded by the taxpayers, but it’s down to the pollies as to how much funding they receive. If they lack resources, they should receive more, to employ more staff, hence more patrols.
But then it’s down to the judicial system versus the do-gooders. We’ve all seen how that goes.
As for your comment on responsibilities, how about laying the responsibilities back where they belong, at the parents!
Where do people get off on shirking their responsibilities as parents?
In my time, I have seen the parenting responsibilities go from the parents, to the schools, then the police, then to the employers and now its a societal problem.
So given the circle of life, it surely must be the parents’ turn again!

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Government lied on liquor, says Lambley, demands poll
I’m unsure how and why we allow pollies to continually break election promises. There should be a law against it. Something like the trade practices “goods not as described” or “goods not fit for purpose”.
But someone continually votes for these people.
So, don’t vote and pay the fine like I do, with accompanying letter of course to the Electoral Commission, start an independent party or stop complaining.
Until these pollies are held accountable, we may as well be holding a gun to our own heads.

We failed a young child: Dale Wakefield
Unfortunately professionalism is rare in the government and their agencies, particularly in Tennant Creek.
To me, professionalism starts with personal presentation.
You only need to have a look at the way a lot of the workers dress and present themselves.
You would not know if the are government employees or just passers by so it’s hard to take them seriously or professionally.
Once upon a time, government employees dressed in uniforms, not just wrinkled shirts with logos and joggers. Uniform, is more than dress, so a uniformed approach to issues will also demonstrate professionalism.
On a more important note, Ms Wakefield says some positive things, including the “hows”, but in true political style, she fails to commit to the “when”.
Perhaps the development of a 10 point plan (in consultation with the community) may be beneficial.
It would be good to know what happens if they fail to deliver, but hopefully that may be reflected in the next election outcome.

Mayor: town needs ‘full lockdown’ on bottle shops
I agree Evelyne, 100%.
To Local bloke, in reality a person should be able to purchase what ever is legal.
Grog shop accountability should cease at the responsible sale of alcohol, so no serving drunks.
Do you intend to make smoke shops accountable for smoking related diseases too?
This is a government policy issue, that has somehow been turned around into blaming the retailers and the innocents of the population.

Government alcohol policies a giant hangover
Whilst I agree with the sentiment, it’s not actually a grog shops issue. The fact that the product they sell is being grossly abused and is causing pain, is due to non-existent or weak government policy.
Blaming the grog shops, would be similar to blaming the supermarket smoke shops, for people who die from smoking relate diseases.
The real issue is that the government has no idea what to do and in typical style, implementing knee jerk reactions.
They continually fail to see what the real long term effects are and because they are not going to be accountable, they don’t really give a rats arse about the longevity of Alice Springs and surrounds.
What we need is Gunner to grow some balls and forget about the popularity contest and be a Chief Minister for the benefit of all people living and visiting the Territory.
In reality, the Big Five (Town Council, Chamber of Commerce, Congress, Tourism Central Australia, Arid Lands Environment Centre) should call a meeting with Gunner, sit him down and tell him what to do. Perhaps Congress could show some interest and do something for the benefit of WHOLE community and justify some of the $30m we so graciously give them.

Chansey Paech to Jacinta Price: ‘Finger pointing must stop’
Whilst I agree with you Suzanne, how the hell do these people get voted in?
Perhaps we need to be a bit more discerning when we go to the polls.

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