However the discussion goes, I strongly suggest that the old …

Comment on Indigenous art gallery, cultural centre: combined or separate? by Charlie Carter.

However the discussion goes, I strongly suggest that the old Melanka site is on the table.
It would seem to me to be ideal on several grounds.
The trees could be incorpoated in an innovative, but low (2 storey) design.
It is central to the CBD, RFDS, Pioneer Women, OPBG etc.
Sensitive parking could also be incorporated.
I could envisage the Cultural Centre and Art Gallery as two parts of integrated whole.

Recent Comments by Charlie Carter

Speed up road building, say cattlemen
Two points:
One answer is to stop the “Gas Development”.
It is a fossil fuel.
It will soon be a stranded asset.
As usual this Territory Government is chasing last decade’s tail.
The second point is a bit tougher.
The beef industry is also on the way out.
The planet cannot support it.
That wipe out in NW Queensland is the harbinger of things to come.
Drought followed by floods.
The sensible thing would have have been to compensate the pastoralists and buy them out. Offer them jobs managing the land. Ferals, fires, weeds.
I know how hard the lifestyle change would be.
I grew up on a farm.
But taxpayer funded “relief” is an expensive non-solution.
As would be taxpayer funded road upgrades which would never be recouped, either by gas or beef.

Horses starve, rotting carcasses near homes
One suspects that Mr Shiell is well meaning.
Unfortunately his comment is incoherent and incomprehensible as usual.
If it relates to use of pheromones for mustering animals (a possible interpretation) it is off topic, irrelevant, and ignorant of animal behaviour.

Heat rises on cooling plan
The white cedar is an east coast rainforest tree, and is really a pest species here. We don’tneed deciduous trees, a bit of shade is welcome even in winter (except for special circumstances).
Two of our fastest growing local natives are the River Red Gum and the Cooba (acacia salicin).
Both have their problems.
The RRG drops sap and branches.
The Cooba tends to blow over in windstorms, but nothing is going to be perfect.
Keep them trimmed, and intersperse them with slower growing species like the desert kurrajong and the fork leaf corkwood.
And Damien, I expect better from our Mayor. Taking advice and not doing dummy spits would be a good start.

Visitor from afar to Alex’s backyard
It was in my backyard in Chewings Street in early December, and in another Chewings Street kitchen before that. It is possible that it is a hitchhiker.

Former gallery advisor scathing about its planners
I have a query that Mr Lynch may be able to help with.
“Locations” in the report has 3 headings:
• Recommended (Desert Park).
• NTG preferred (Anzac, 3 versions).
• Sites not recommended (incl Desert Knowledge).
Does “not recommended” mean by the panel or by the NTG, or both?
It seems to me that many of the arguments for the DP could also apply to DK.

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