Best Bacon and Egg sangers in town, a good business, …

Comment on Yaye’s Café at Araluen to close tomorrow by Kevin.

Best Bacon and Egg sangers in town, a good business, great people and food, I hope they open up somewhere soon. I miss them already.

Recent Comments by Kevin

13 year old denied bail after rampage
Good on ya Judge, tell it as it really is.
It is a sad state off affairs, but at the end of the day we are responsible for your own actions.
Loved reading it but its still a sad situation.
Great reporting, keep it up.

Culture centre: No place like Alice
We had one right here in Todd Street.
What happened to that?
It was next door to KFC. Now it’s an empty lot, used as a parking area for a tour company.

Alice tour firm wins awards in difficult times
Congratulations and keep up the good work, small companies need more recognition.
I hope you have a bumper year next season. It’s off to the pool for me know.

Editor injured in hit and run
Erwin, we have discussed this in the past, so many times you have told me you like Harley Davidsons, now I hear you got messed up on a Scooter.
Shame on you … when you get well, use the insurance to buy a BIG Harley, perhaps a Fatboy that can be seen much easier.
Get well soon!
“Kevin from Council”

Skate trial in the Mall: council turns its back on the kids
I don’t get it. A minority group that already has a $200.000 facility down next to the pool. Why should they be able to put pedestrians at risk, or vehicles for that matter.
Who is going to pay when a skateboard flies into the side of my brand new car causing damage, yes I can see it now … The skatboarder would be gone in a flash.
It’s a pedestrian mall, not a skate park.

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