Further to my previous comment. What happens when governments provide funding …

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Further to my previous comment.
What happens when governments provide funding to NGOs and force them to create jobs for Aboriginal Peoples?
I’ll tell you what happens, they set the people up to fail!
The Federal government set targets for Aboriginal employment when handing out funding contracts to NGOs. This makes some kind of sense, BUT, then they insist that the Aboriginal people in these roles undertake education, usually at CERT IV level.
Often, some find CERT IV Education too much for them, trying to complete courses whilst undertaking full time work.
CERT IV education very often involves writing essays.
These essays are often set at 1,500 words, must include current research and must be referenced correctly.
How many Australians, black, white or otherwise can write an academic assignment?
Then, due the financial pressures applied to the educational body, they will often sign off where perhaps they shouldn’t have, but “hey its the end of the course and we ran out of time” … and this leads to other issues, example being the student leaves feeling they have passed (I have personal experience of this) but is stunned when they are required to do the tasks for real, leaving feelings of personal failure.
The purpose of the Certificate IV qualification type is to qualify individuals who apply a broad range of specialised knowledge and skills in varied contexts to undertake skilled work and as a pathway for further learning.
Certificate IV qualifications are located at level 4 of the Australian Qualifications Framework.
Certificate IV qualifications must be designed and accredited to enable graduates to demonstrate the learning outcomes expressed as knowledge, skills and the application of knowledge and skills specified in the level 4 criteria and the Certificate IV descriptor.
Have some common sense you POLLIES!
Create Aboriginal employment where Aboriginals can utilise their vast cultural knowledge to support to the people they deliver a services to.
Yes, assist them with the academic side too where its required, BUT STOP setting people up to fail!!
Across Governments this is just another one of those situations where the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, and it’s costing the taxpayers a fortune and demoralising people along the way.
So why do I detest most pollies?
Because when it comes to this kind of thing, all too often you have POLLIES making decisions on people’s well being, people’s futures, their education, financial decisions of great amounts made by people that in most cases wouldn’t know the difference between shit and clay.

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More of Feds’ trillion dollar spend for Indigenous providers
Commonwealth spending AKA, taxpayer money!
Statistics can sound very impressive … perhaps not is this case.
So I did some maths based on the figures in the article.
2015/16 each NGO received an average of $576,000 and each contract was averaged at $188,000 compared to 2012/13 where each NGO received and average of $12,500 and each contract was averaged at $4,100.
In real terms, these are almost petty cash numbers!
So a MASSIVE 46 times increase!! Wow, statistics.
Whilst I do take exception to the total amount of money being furnished by the taxpayers without visibility, I have more of an issues with the bullshit numbers the Government supplies and expects us to believe them.
Clearly funding of NGOs is extremely important to them, but how the hell can they survive when most budgets and funding agreements are on an annual basis?
Based of their productivity, give them five years worth of funding to allow them to plan, implement and reap the rewards of their hard work and dedication.

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Wakefield insists on Anzac Oval, ignores majority
Steve Brown: You raise some excellent points Steve, however you seem to be overlooking one very important fact.
If the government wanted to consult the masses, they should have taken the opinions more seriously.
The fact that they didn’t, is disrespectful to the taxpayer. So, was it just lip service?
I think you’ll find that this may be what has pissed people off.

Fewer pokies, help for gambling addicts
Yep. Reduce the number of cars and there will be fewer car crashes too.
We have a habit of trying to solve issues from the effects rather than the causes, and we continue to go round in circles and spend millions in the process.
Gambling is a way of life, good or bad.
It’s been around forever and will be around forever.
For those who haven’t heard of Broard Arrow near Kalgoorlie, it was an out of the way to play two up and not be caught by the law. It’s now a bit of a tourist attraction.
People will find a way and place to gamble even if all the pokies are removed.
Surely education and treatment are the keys!

The millions and the misery
Couldn’t have expressed it better, Jones. If the taxpayers see more than anecdotal results for their hard earned money, they will be more inclined to be positive about their money being spent on organisations like Congress.
Where there is political spin, the taxpayer becomes cynical.
I am still bewildered as to how the hell can they (Congress) can have a $20m underspend?

Cops nab alleged grog runners
It’s not about the amount of money or quantity, it’s about the amount of damage to people’s lives, both primary and secondary that this disgusting conduct results in.
I say throw the book at them and jail time. Forget about a penalty of picking up empties as that may encourage “customers”.

Congress probe: ORIC will only outline process
I think you’ll find that annual financial reports have to be submitted between July 1 and December 31.
Auditing however, is different and typically done for different reasons..

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