Well, has it started? …

Comment on Senior Arrernte men take a stand: time to do something about young people causing trouble on their country by Heather Wells.

Well, has it started?

Recent Comments by Heather Wells

Taxpayer funded firm sends woman bush, unprepared
Surely training is included in the yearly budget. Or is it siphoned off to other more needy area?

All views about gallery location will be considered: Lauren Moss
Obviously Uluru. Next to the airport!

Private forecaster tips massive rains for Alice
Psychics are a bit like weather forecasters. Get the right weather, just the wrong date. LOL

Gas, oil royalties: 10% of what?
Transparency in an opaque kind of way.

Youth workers on the streets from 8pm to 3am
I have seen kids / youths walking “home” at 6.00am.
Surely the night patrols should be from 9pm until 6am.
The troublemakers will wait until 3.05am to get going while it is still dark.

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